5 Min Bit With Mansi Sudarshan

A motivated and determined Mansi Sudarshan, her journey of selflove started when she found her mental and physical health in shambles. Taking charge of her life, Mansi Sudarshan stirred her miserable self towards healing and is now a wonderful Wellness Coach herself.

Specializing in weight loss, Mansi Sudarshan believes in loving our bodies and doing only what works for us instead of following the race towards the “perfect body standards”.  Apart from being a successful wellness coach, Mansi Sudarshan is also an International Chef with her line of health products, blending both her interests and professions together. Read more about the optimistic Mansi Sudarshan in this exclusive interview with Storiyaan.

5 Min Bit With Mansi Sudarshan


Questions and answers

During your chef-course, when your health started deteriorating, how did you find the courage and inspiration to take matters into your own hands and what was the immediate effect on your body when you stopped taking the pills?

When I had my job and was on medications, I realized that my body was at its peak of breaking down and they only made me feel worse. That’s when I decided to quit my job and medicines and explore alternate ways of healing.

Initially, when I was free from medications, I was low and weak but I felt a strong concentration and determination to heal myself. So that’s how it all started.

You have been the victim of body-shaming in your school and your college, and even in the workplace. How did it affect your self-confidence and do you believe it to have acted as a catalyst in your fitness journey?

I had low self-confidence, self-worth and hated myself and my body – all because of body-shaming. It made me miserable and I attempted suicide, thrice. My lack of self-love adversely affected my relationships with others.

So yes, those experiences did act as a catalyst as they pushed me to heal myself and today, I am trying to make this journey easier for others.

Tell us about your first step towards self-love and when did you begin to appreciate your body and refrained from comparing your fitness achievements with others? Once you started doing it, how did your mindset evolve?

My first step towards self-love was stopping medications, and focusing on the needs and requirements of my body.  I started appreciating my body when exercising, fitness and natural diets made me feel better about myself – I started feeling more confident, happier and also saw my productivity increase. That impelled me to love and appreciate myself and it was from this self-love that I understood how diverse and unique all our bodies are, and made me learn contentment and stop the unnecessary comparison.

When did you first conceive of the idea for starting your line of health and fitness products and what kind of research did you delve into before launching them into the market?

As a chef, I realized that people are suffering from leg pain, exhaustion, low energy, stress and tiredness because they are either not eating healthy or were not happy with the food. That’s when I conceived the idea to start my line of health.

I took Ayurveda courses, energy medicines, courses in Nutrition and Chinese medicine – finally creating my fusion system. The recipes are a fusion of the west and the east, focusing on deeper health transmission without any compromise on the taste.

What were the hurdles that you had to beat to establish your brand and how did you gather the capital for the initiative?

Initially, my health coaching journey was very confusing as I had no idea of marketing, sales, customer base etc. So, I got inspired from the West and began a differential charging system depending on the client and their requirements – this modification and customization worked for my brand.

The capital required for my business was fully funded by my family. They were sceptical about my idea but gave their complete support and encouragement.   

Can you elaborate on how the emotional and mental well-being of a person affect their overall fitness levels and what are some of the preliminary steps that one can resort to when it comes to healing themselves or preparing themselves before consulting a coach?

Yes, so it has been scientifically proven that more than 90% of health issues are psychosomatic and because of stress. Every single thought and emotion affects our physical body and overall health.

When it comes to healing oneself, one should start by understanding that medications or outside help alone are insufficient. We must also look inwards and work on our negative thoughts or feelings. This should be the preliminary step and then they can start their healing journey accordingly.

How has your bond with spirituality and mindfulness helped you remain optimistic during the dark times of the 2nd Covid wave?

Thanks to spirituality and mindfulness, I started looking at the pandemic as an opportunity rather than a problem. I am focusing on how to serve more people in these desperate times and how can I be more helpful. This has helped me stay optimistic and hopeful about the coming months. I also remind myself that I am here to serve on an everyday basis.

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