Manomithra Venkataraman – The Best of Both Worlds

“I want to bust all the myths that new mothers are subjected to” is what the self-effacing Manomithra Venkataraman, Life Coach, emphasizes on.

Inclined towards public speaking, Manomithra always yearned to make a difference with her words. When the society questioned her ability to maintain a work life balance as a new mother, she took the plunge to transform her long term passion into her full time recognition.

And while she was just getting the hang of motherhood, Manomithra started out her newfangled journey as a Life coach. With her 4 month old in one hand and her lifelong vision in the other, this Superwoman left no stone unturned in giving her best at both and gaining a follower base of 18k in no time.

‘There is nothing a mother can’t do’ and Manomithra is a living justification to it. Read out as she takes us through this path breaking journey of hers!

Manomithra Venkataraman - The Best of Both Worlds


Questions and answers

What role does a coach exactly play in shaping people’s perspective on life?

Although there are many self-help books, we life coaches theoretically study and give a customized solution for a particular person’s problems. The role of a coach is important when a person is at a critical stage in their life and aren’t unable to trust their family or friends.

Life-coaching is something you feel very passionate about. Can you tell us a bit about the time when, looking back, you wish you had a coach?

There were quite a few times that I wished I had a coach. Raised as a single child with both parents working, I lacked that emotional link. Soon, I found that connection in Jay Shetty’s videos and words of Sai baba. But during my pregnancy when I had no friends or family to turn to, I started reading a lot of self-help books. And, that’s how my struggle led me towards my purpose.

How did your training in Radio help you in the later phases of your career?

I worked in 90.4 FM community radio. I had a show on Friday morning at 9am. I’d hustle to reach my class at times because I’d dwell in conversations. After getting comfortable people would even talk about their struggles to me. And that’s when I knew my potential and realized that I have an interest in influencing people.

As a new mother, how did you strike a viable balance between toiling for your passion as well as looking after your newborn?

I was often asked how I will manage both my work and baby. But, with my family’s support I was able to start attending life coaching classes by Puja Puneet and Sabira Merchant. And soon, I launched my own Instagram page which reached out to more than 17k followers!

What are the signs or red flags that indicate someone should consult a therapist?

People should consult a therapist if they feel overwhelmed in working towards their goals. If you feel no one in your circle is listening to you, then it’s time that you search for a listener out of that circle. Every person who needs to share their thoughts like an open book should consult a life coach.

What are some of the most meaningful goals that your coaching has allowed clients to actualize?

I train my clients to meditate or affirmate. Rather than just advising, I make sure that they apply it in real-life. That’s what helps them transform in a better and positive way.

What is your strategy to deter clients from engaging in maladaptive goal-setting?

Sometimes even though the person is engaging in maladaptive goals, they know that they are doing wrong but are struggling to stop themselves from doing so. We can’t just keep on telling them to stop doing it because these practices are usually addictive. It’s not always the advice that will work but in such cases we have to involve deeper into their thoughts and lifestyle to help them.

What are some of the services that you would recommend as adjuncts to coaching?

First thing I’d recommend is to start with a clarity call which is a 60 minute discussion that will help the life coach understand your feelings and then provide you with solutions. But if you aren’t able to work out the problems via call then you may need to attend sessions. There are two ways to go-Golden mindset will help track your day to day life and Diamond mindset will help in transformations of ritual.

. Can you tell us a bit about your most memorable clientele experience and what impact it might have had on you?

I had a client who had just gotten out of a bad relationship. Initially I’d call her often to keep a track on her emotions. First I made her divert from sad songs to fitness. Soon, it turned out to become her motivation as she started reading, and watching happy feel good shows again!

You have been able to create a thriving career as a life coach. What are some of the key aspects that people should know about when pursuing something similar?

The most important thing is to not judge the person that comes to you. You should give them solutions without hurting their sentiments. At some point, people who are facing mental stress will seek your help so never demotivate them. It’s important to remember that our main purpose as a Life coach doesn’t lie in just giving advice but ultimately helping the people.

What are some common misunderstandings that people have about your profession and what would you like to say about it?

 People usually are not aware of what a life coach is for they usually think that a life coaching is only about advising and doctors are the only people who can heal.One should know that a life coach is someone who can help you clear your mental blockages whereas a doctor can treat you anatomically. Surprisingly, when I wasn’t well and faced a mind block I was helped by self-help techniques and not by doctors. Both professions have their own set of roles and it is high time we start acknowledging that.

Quick 5

1.Your favourite self-help book – Think like a Monk

2.Spirituality for you is – Manifesting

3.Your daily mantra –‘Let you live good and let the world receive it too’

4.Your greatest achievement – I was awarded as ‘A Real Superwomen’

5.The most satisfying aspect of your job –Being grateful when the times are grateful.

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