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All about men

Mard ban aur itna mat soch.” In a society where men are expected to be ‘macho’ and strong, talking about their feelings and problems makes them weaklings and emotional fools.

In a social construct like this, it is hard for men to accept that there is something wrong and that it’s okay to seek help about their wellness problems. That is how we came up with Man Matters.

We really felt that being men who have gone through a similar journey, we understand what other men go through. Problems like hair loss need to be considered normal so that men realize they don’t have to live with them. There is always a solution.

Initially, when we started, we contacted a lot of doctors and sexologists. We realized that there is a huge information gap and that men are hesitant to openly talk about their sexual problems. Women still find confidantes in their mother or friends – but what about men? The problems they go through are very personal, but they become hesitant to talk about them openly. Men then take the route that is most accessible – google problems and find random and unreliable solutions. 90% of the time it is a partner or a family member of the man who goes to a sexologist to discuss their problems.

We wanted to build a platform where men could have access to credible information, and where they can feel safe to speak up. Gaining the trust of men was one of the challenges. Our company started a year ago, and we have grown a lot since then. Ask us what keeps us going, and everyone in our firm will agree that it is the love and support we get from you all. I remember, once a consumer said, “Like my clothes, Man Matters has become a perfect fit for me. It is a safe space, where I can discuss my problems.” The feeling of that is just amazing.

In the coming years, I want Man Matters to be not just a brand but a movement which will revolutionize the way people think and talk about men’s wellness problem. We need to break taboos and unlearn the conventional ways that we have been taught because men too want to find a way to live more confidently. We need to build a society where when a man has a problem, people will say “mard ho to kya hua, agar problem hai toh solution toh banta hai.”

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