‘Mamta Banerjee’ Weds ‘Socialism’

Mamta Banerjee

‘Mamta Banerjee’ Weds ‘Socialism’

One of the most bizarre wedding in which ‘Mamta Banerjee’ (Not the West Bengal CM) is going to tie nuptial knot with ‘Socialism’ is happening on 13th June, 2021. The wedding will be attended by groom’s brothers- AM Communism and AM Leninism.

The groom’s father clarified that he wanted to name his children after ideologies, hence the name ‘Socialism’. Whereas, the bride was named by her grandfather, a fellow admirer of Mamta Banerjee. Since, the family didn’t send physical invite to their guests due to the pandemic, they had to publish the card in ‘Jana Sakthi’.

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