Malvika Fulwani

Malvika Fulwani-Grating reality

Malvika Fulwani

Malvika Fulwani-Grating reality

Malvika Fulwani says, “I have done my bachelors in Biotechnology, and at that time, I had major issues with my body and therefore I began dieting. From fad diets to GM diets, I started doing everything to lose weight. Gradually, instead of weight loss, I experienced side effects of these. I have had alopecia, and I had also fainted due to low blood pressure. All this made me depressed and low on confidence. I became even more confused with what to eat and what not to, and with so much information that’s present on social media, the zero-figure bandwagon took a toll on my mental health.

I decided to do a post-graduation in Dietetics to help myself out. While I was studying Dietetics, I realized diet is not just about weight loss or weight gain but the basic necessity of one’s life. It’s an integral part right from the day you are conceived in your mother’s womb till your last breath, your only constant is food. This very thought made me interested in Clinical Nutrition, and I wanted to help others too!

I completed my Academic Internship at Care Hospital, where I saw patients recovering from their diseases with my dietary counseling. At this point I fastened my seat belt as a nutritionist. Since then, I have worked and interned at a lot of places and gained pretty good exposure. Hard times indeed bring the best out of you, and this explains where I am today.

It’s my burning desire to help people have a healthy attitude holistically. I have an anti-diet approach towards being healthy and fit. I want to reach as many people as I can and make them understand the importance of eating healthy and all the side-effects of fad diets, which I learned the hard way.

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    ‘Hard times indeed bring the best out of you’… TRUE

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