5 Min Bit with Lochana Patar

Incorporating a holistic and Bio individuality approach with each of her clients Lochana Patar mentions “I have a true passion for getting people motivated and healthy with diet, exercise and holistic living.”

Certified from NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), alongside a specialized training for weight loss expertise, Lochana Patar is one of the best in her business. Leading one of the fittest life’s out there, this Nutrition Coach also accentuates “There is no one diet set for everyone. So the approach should be based on one’s eating habits, genetic composition, lifestyle, gut health and much more…”

Read further as Lochana Patar takes us through the tranches of a fit life.

Lochana Patar

5 Min Bit with Lochana Patar


Questions and answers

What are the major changes you find in people's awareness about living and eating healthy in the current times?

Currently, people have gained a lot more knowledge about nutrition than they had a few decades ago. But unlike the earlier times, when it comes to actualizing those changes, they are still lagging behind. These are the 2 major changes I’ve observed.

Tell us some of the struggles that you had to overcome during the starting days of your journey?

The major challenge I faced was finding a potential client. And to top that was the problem to make sure that the client followed the nutrition plan. The second challenge was overcoming my fear of taking the 1st step and doing something new but as the business grew things got better.

How do you incorporate the Bio Individualistic and holistic approach when it comes to nutrition plans?

Every individual is unique and what works for one person doesn’t work for the other. So, I provide individual meal plans based on their metabolic range and daily energy expenditure that they can work with. Along with this, I track the numbers and calculate the macro-nutrient intake according to their daily routine of eating and exercise.

What are the major strategies used by you to maintain sustainability when it comes to achieve the goals of your clients without giving up on their favorite food?

I believe food is very sensitive and personal to an individual, so while curating  a meal plan I create it based on their need and taste. I use the concept of setting SMART goals (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound) to help clients make small measureable changes that they can achieve and sustain over long time.

A multitude of people these days are in need of a proper nutritionist in life but often believe it to be too expensive and thereby abstain. What would be your message to them?

I think that consulting a nutritionist isn’t expensive especially in India, the fees are very affordable. If you look back a few years ago then it wasn’t the same case but now it is much more accessible and just a phone call away.

Could you emphasize the importance of lasting healthy habits to achieve lifetime benefits?

To build a healthy lifestyle one should focus on having a balanced diet and use portion control alongside regular exercise. Changing habits require dedication and discipline. And one day all these small changes will make a big difference.

Doctors are predicting that the third wave will be affecting more on the health of the children. What would be your suggestions on some of the basic diet and nutrition which they should follow to enhance their immunity?

Diversify the food while having a balanced diet, drink plenty of water and keep processed food (high in : sugar, fat and salt) away. Home cooked food is the best way to avoid covid symptoms and stay healthy in the third wave.

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