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Leha Divakar: Speaking Visuals

“A blogger and writer by profession, Leha Divakar highlights, “You’re the artist, the canvas is yours to paint.”

Life took a turn when she became a wheelchair-user after an accident 10 years ago. She was determined to not let her wheelchair cease her from carving her route to success and independence. Often finding herself in doubt and uncertainty, it was only her passion to write and create art that rolled her forward.

While she started this journey with just book reviews, Leha wondered if there was a place where passion and work could meet. Then she came across ‘Blogchatter’, a broad workspace which let her analyze her creativeness and capability. Leha was delighted to be toiling on her admiration of writing and painting.

Apart from being a wonderful writer, she further attains her hobby of creating art pieces, and often finds solace in them. Hop right into this conversation to know more about Leha and her life with Storiyaan.

Leha Divakar: Speaking Visuals


Questions and answers

How did you find your niche in blogging? Can you tell us about some of the genres that you indulged in exclusively when you first started?

My interest in reading and art at one point made me wonder what more I could do to nurture that passion and this made me decide to start a blog. At first, it was solely for book reviews, and maybe a little poetry, but over time I began to showcase my art, dabble in fiction writing and share personal experiences too.

How did Blogchatter become a part of your life and what were some of the major experiences gained from it?

It was when I began blogging that I came across Blogchatter. I used to often wonder if there was a profession in life that would encapsulate all that I am passionate about. Blogchatter is an inclusive workplace that lets you explore your creativity and potential.

What do you believe to be some of the major factors in your blog that attract your readers and how do you ensure you remain relevant?

Apart from readability, readers are always looking for a way to connect. Personal stories, a glimpse of who you are, even beyond your niche helps people feel relatable. Also, staying updated with changing times helps in staying relevant. For me, personally, I feel it is sharing stories of overcoming that keep readers coming back.

Can you speak to us about the initial obstacles that came your way when you realized that you are specially-abled?

In the early days of my injury, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It took a while to sink in that disability was going to become a part of my life. What was tricky was relearning basic things in life, learning to maneuver the chair, stepping outside the home, completing college, accepting that people may not always understand who I am and that should be okay. It has been about finding a way around what I thought was a hurdle and later making it my strength.

Apart from writing, you are also invested in art. Tell us about the commencement of your journey with art.

I believe art has no rules and techniques are not as important as expressing yourself. I began to explore art just to give my imagination a window. I enjoyed it so much that when I began blogging, I let my paintbrush do the talking whenever I felt words were insufficient.

What is art for you, and do you believe every piece of art to be an expression of your psyche?

Art is a bit of myself on paper. I am in my element when I am creating anything – be it writing or art. So, yes, it is an expression of my psyche. Creating helps me organize my thoughts better and each time I create something I get closer to myself.

Does your journey with a wheelchair ever get overwhelming; how do you cope with your negative emotions at such times?

Chronic pain and other issues get overwhelming at times, but I’ve come a long way and I always remind myself of that. A simple mantra I believe in is ‘It’s your dream, make it happen.’ This helps me keep going and living the exact life I want to, no matter what obstacle comes my way.

What is your aim as a writer when it comes to giving back to society and what are some of the ways you go about it?

I want to share my experiences because someone out there can find them helpful. Art and writing are meant to heal and if what I create touches someone, I am happy. I believe the only way to go about it is to be completely honest, and true to your passion.

Have you ever experienced a creative block? If yes, what was your way of dealing with it?

Inspiration is everywhere, but there are times when I feel stagnated. I take a step back, go through my ‘ideas journal’ and find some scribblings there that I think could become a good piece of content. If that doesn’t work, I try free-style writing – writing whatever comes to my mind. This may or may not go on the blog, but it clears my mind.

What would be your advice to the upcoming bloggers, especially those aiming for high monetary profits via blogging?

“Turn what you love into work.” If you have an idea, work on it immediately or the enthusiasm may just fizzle out later. There is no shortcut to anything! Find out what you are passionate about and work towards it consistently. There’s no replacement for authenticity so let your creations have your true self shining through and success will follow.

Quick 5

1. One book you wish you had never read: Even the bad books teach you something, so no regrets.

2. One movie that left an ever-lasting impact on you: Anne Frank’s Diary. Anne Frank’s bravery and wisdom amazes me.

3. One fictional character you relate to the most: Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls used to be my nickname and I’m wearing a bubbles T-shirt right now 😛

4. Your next project: Completing all classic Literature on my TBR and getting a good nap.

5. The biggest myth involved in blogging: The biggest myth would be that blogging is dead. It is very much alive and thriving. Every google search that you make, everything you consume online is a result of content creation.

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