Lakshmi Sona Singh – One Desire

Lakshmi Sona Singh

Lakshmi Sona Singh - One Desire

Lakshmi Sona Singh says, “I’ve been skating since I was 6. I’d meander on my wheels all day. So, when our teacher taught us about the white continent – Antarctica; the first thing that occurred to me was – ‘What if I get to skate on the land of Antarctica?’

Later that day, I went home and told my parents and brother about this wish of mine. They were stunned at first. But then they carped about this desultory desire that I bought home. ‘It’s practically impossible. Do you even know anyone who has done that?’ said my family. However, a 10-year-old me didn’t think through the logistics. It was sheer curiosity that gave birth to this ‘wish’. And you know what they say; ‘Curiosity Never Dies’.

So, when I moved for my job to London I started an ‘Antarctica fund’. I’d save up a part of my monthly salary and put it into the fund. And after 6 years of doing so, I finally moved a step closer to my agog

dream. That night I called home and exclaimed ‘I’m going to Antarctica!’

Soon, I packed my roller skates and landed in Adelaide. Thereon, I took an adventure cruise from Ushuaia. It was a 3-day long expedition in the sea filled with turbulence and vertigo. But, all of it vanished within a snap when I stepped onto the ‘white land’. I’d taken permission from the authorities. And after sanitizing my rollerblades, ‘the moment’ arrived. My life-long ‘Bizzare dream’ was finally happening!

Since it was soft snow, getting the hang of it took a while. But those 15 minutes of skating were worth the 30 years wait. Due to the climatic conditions, I had to drop soon. But, that wasn’t the end. The Crew and the authorities were thrilled to know the purpose of my trip. ‘We’ve never seen anyone come up with this sort of an appeal’ they said. And soon, I became the First person to skate on Antarctica! Something that began as a casual Daydream went on to gain me a title worldwide. I got registered in ‘Limca book of records’ for being the first person to skate on the 7th continent – Antarctica! It couldn’t have gotten better.

And, now that it’s done, I’ve new continents awaiting. Dreams and Curiosity, certainly have no age; I can’t wait to swirl my way on the North-pole next.”

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