Krupa Sankhe- The Health Enthusiast

‘In a healthy mind, resides a healthy body.’ With this ideology, Krupa Sankhe set her foot in the direction of a road less taken and built herself into becoming a health advisor and a nutritionist.

Scroll down to read an amazingly inspiring interview of the MBA-grad-turned-nutritionist, Krupa Sankhe with Storiyaan where she divulges her roots for interest in the field of health and nutrition along with some major challenges she faced during her pursuit of the long-dreamt profession.


Questions and answers

1. What got hold of your attention in the nutrition and wellness profession in the first place and how did it benefit you personally?

Since school I was passionate about Health and Nutrition. But it was only when I was working in the Wealth Management Industry I could see people were struggling with many health and lifestyle issues. By then, it was clear to me that I should be doing something in this field and that is how it started. Personally, it has been a very rewarding experience because I get to preach what I practise.

2. What is the most satisfactory aspect of guiding and helping individuals towards a healthier lifestyle?

When I try to get the confidence back in people complaining over low energy levels and make them realise the importance of having good health, fitness through a disciplined lifestyle is the most satisfactory aspect of my profession. Helping them eliminate the fear and confusion associated with food & educating them the right science is my top priority.

3. What would you say lies at the core of your passion for health and nutrition, and how long did it take for you to recognise this factor?

The core principles of my passion are 1. Cultivating Discipline and, 2. Being Consistent. I would thank my parents for their teachings and focusing on healthy lifestyle while growing up as it largely contributed to my passion today.

4. You mentioned that, “In Wealth Management returns are never guaranteed but a good investment in health management, the gains are invaluable & immeasurable.” Could you elaborate on what you would consider a good investment in health management?

Health & Wealth Management are interconnected with each other. Both require some form of investment, discipline, patience and consistency. But the wealth management the returns are never guaranteed. Whereas, in health management you get what you invest. The returns are immeasurable.

5. Do you see a shift happening in public perceptions of nutrition, and what, according to you, is the major cause of this shift?

I see that the shift has already begun, especially during the pandemic everyone has understood the importance of good health and also realized that that’s what real wealth is. But one thing I would like to mention is that you should not start digging a well when you’re thirsty because you know health management will take time, it demands years and years of practice and discipline.

6. One of your posts urges people to refrain from neglecting their “emotional diet”. Could you elaborate a bit on that?

When I say about an emotional diet I would like to say two things – first is how to eat, when you are focusing on the routine, the way you consume it and even the mind-set. It is always better to engage all your senses while eating. The second thing about emotional diet is what your brain consumes. One should avoid negative connotations from your mind as it will directly impact your physical diet along with your emotional state and perception.

7. Do you have any advice for the students interested in or studying nutrition?

Well, I will say go beyond books because that is where the real education happens. Try to understand people and the Psychology of Eating. Always question things. And,  be open to learning new things.

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