Komal Parnami: Stumbling upon Tarot and Card Reading

Komal Parnami

Komal Parnami: Stumbling upon Tarot and Card Reading

“Growing up in Delhi and being a girl I had my own share of restrictions. As much as I hated it, I knew that it came from a place of concern and love my father had for me. Even today, being a mother of a 4-year-old myself, I fear going against Papa.

When I was a teenager I managed to return home by 5 pm at any cost. I never really had that rebellious streak inside me, until I discovered my calling. One of my Uncles was into astrology and it was he who introduced me to the world of cards. He handed me a bunch of cards saying

‘ Komal, why don’t you give it a shot ‘. Clueless and excited, I did eventually give in.

It was at a wedding in London where I managed to do a Tarot reading for nearly 20 people. Not having any prior training, I was shocked when all my intuitions came true. Returning to Delhi, the situations weren’t in my control, but I was affirmative. I decided to approach Mom, she wasn’t convinced at first and asked me to pursue Tarot part-time; coaxing me to get into a teaching course. 2 days into the teaching course, I was overwhelmed with all the assignments and didn’t want to go back. I went home and tried to talk mom into my actual interest, she got on board eventually! But I had no intention of letting Papa know about all of this. Later, I managed to find a mentor and abided by the house rules not letting Papa into any doubt. The satisfaction I had knowing that people come to me with a dent in their heart, but go back with a smile is what kept me going despite all the odds. I have had 500+ clients under my healing energies until now.

It was all great until life took a U-turn on a trip with family friends. Knowing about my profession Papa’s friend asked if I could do a reading for him. Yet again, my intuitions came out to be true and he went on to praise me in front of Papa.

To my astonishment, Papa was indeed happy and proud looking at how well I was doing, there were no restrictions this time! Being mind-boggled I could only manage to reply with a ‘ Haa papa bus free time tha toh I learned it ‘. Ever since that day, he has been my constant confidante and client. On days that he reaches out to me with his doubts are indeed the best ones! “

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