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Komal Marathe: Helping women dress for success

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Komal Marathe said, “Our clothing affects the way we think, feel and impact how others perceive us”.

Komal Marathe, an image consultant & Style Coach is helping women dress to create a positive lasting impression & achieve their goals.

She emphasizes, “I believe what we wear is a reflection of who we are. Our clothes reflect our style, personality, and demeanor.” With her guidance, one can expect to develop their unique personal style quotient and shine with confidence, joy and an unmatched aura. Besides, Komal is also a Pharmacist and Entrepreneur who quit her job to strengthen her personal brand. Read along to know about elevating your personality with styling in this enlightening interview of Komal with Storiyaan.

Komal Marathe

Komal Marathe: Helping women dress for success


Questions and answers

Can you tell us the story that enabled you to realize and give wings to your creative flair in the world of fashion?

I started to cultivate a love for fashion while growing up thanks to my mom who loved dressing me up. During my college years, my friends were quick to notice my dressing sense and trusted my fashion advice. Thus, later on, while pursuing my Master’s, I decided to give wings to my creativity and launched my fashion blog- “The Style Infusion”.

Can you tell us something about your blog ‘The Style Infusion?’

‘The Style Infusion’ initially began as a hobby and later became a fun and challenging way for me to express my thoughts about fashion. I had a knack for creating various looks and describing how to style them. My descriptions include my approach to a certain look and the basic dressing style and my audience loves it.

How has your journey from a fashion blogger to a style coach been like?

It has been a journey of self-discovery. As a fashion blogger, I knew which clothes look good on me and now as a style coach, I understand why they look good on me. Moreover, today, with this mastery of the art and science of dressing up, I help other women better their style quotient.

What are the changes you have seen in yourself in this journey?

A part of my style has changed from girly to classic & elegant. As I began my journey of entrepreneurship, I needed to make a strong statement about my personality and credibility, hence I prefer smart dressing which allows others to recognize my abilities. I feel a lot more confident and powerful in my clothes.

What is the one thing about the style that every woman should know?

I feel every woman should know the difference between style and fashion. Style is a way to present yourself while fashion is about keeping up with the latest trends. In my opinion, we shouldn’t get carried away by ever-changing trends and rather focus on developing personal style.

You help women dress for success. Tell us what kind of strategy you work through while working on particular individuals to suit their needs.

My strategy is to help women dress according to their body shape, profession, lifestyle, their role and goals. I help them appear authentic, attractive and appropriate as per the occasion. It helps them to project their personality traits, values, abilities, which makes others recognize their credibility. My goal is to help them create a style that makes them happy, confident and unique.

Could you share with us what are the changes your clients can expect after attending your sessions?

Once they complete the session, they will be able to style themselves better because they will know what to wear and what to avoid. I make them understand in detail the various silhouettes that would suit them and guide them to become better at choosing clothes accordingly. Under my guidance, the client becomes aware of the message that their clothes are conveying. I help them create a positive impression, so others perceive their positive traits and regard them more favorably.

You believe clothes have the power to elevate our personality and also contribute to personal growth. Share with us how it enhances our personality and growth.

The right kind of clothes helps us boost our confidence, project a positive image and enhance our overall look and feel. It also helps to express our creativity, improve our focus and has an effect on our performance level. Clothing is a powerful tool that can help us attract success because it’s the first thing people notice about us.

Elucidate some of the ways one can reach your brand out and the procedures to prearrange a session for consultation.

Most of my consultations are booked through Instagram because people see a lot of value in the content that I post. The sessions can also be booked through my website or email.

What is one piece of entrepreneurial advice that you would like to give to those interested in following a similar career line?

My career advice will be to not wait for the right time or perfection. Therefore, I will advise everyone to not worry about making mistakes as you will figure things out as you go along. Ideas and plans don’t create value until they are executed, so start today!

Quick 5

1. Your proud milestone – Making my hobby my profession

2. One characteristic that is essential in a coach – Good listener

3. Any particular fashion trend that you despise – Low waist jeans showing undergarments

4. One social media platform you rely upon – Instagram

5. The person you look up to the most – My mother

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