Kirti Sahdev Kanwar

Kirti Sahdev Kanwar – Born Free

Kirti Sahdev Kanwar

Kirti Sahdev Kanwar - Born Free

Kirti Sahdev Kanwar  says, “Growing up in a typical Punjabi family all I ever heard was girls don’t really need to work because they eventually have to get married. Papa ji is a well settled businessman. All my needs were always taken care of. However, on the contrary I always dreamt of becoming a teacher and I became one.

It wasn’t easy to convince my parents.  But my urge to be financially independent kept me going. And luckily, I got a job at 22 in the best possible school of Delhi. I joined it as a substitute teacher of nursery school. Those four months were hands down the best days of my life. Not only did I fall in love with the kids but the profession too. So, when my tenure came to an end I decided to start my own tutoring institute.

And that’s when life took a turn when a student’s mother introduced me to Angel Therapy and was very happy for me to be enrolled in the course of becoming an angel therapist. That’s when I learnt the art of reading angel cards.

And it was during the lockdown when a friend of mine asked to do an angel card reading for him. I agreed. He was so impressed by the reading that he posted it on social media and in no time, people started reaching out to me. I terribly missed teaching and my students during the quarantine, this felt like the perfect place to be in. So, I started doing readings for people at a very nominal energy exchange. Within a year today I have more than 1000+ happy clients and many more to come. There are so many clients messaging me – mam you have no idea how you have changed my life.

From a girl who had to go against all odds to make an identity for herself, to becoming a helping hand to those in trouble, what more I could ask for in life. Indeed, after seeing my journey my Papaji has now the faith in me and guess what he recently gifted an office to me for my readings and my crystal therapy. My sisters call me the game changer and I firmly believe that your hard work and commitment can make you win in every possible situation. Not to forget that my husband gets all the credit for who I am today. He’s a support system I could not have achieved all of this without.”

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