Khushii Pathak Mishra : Rewriting Every Life-Story

With an all-encompassing spirit, Khushii explains, “I was just a mere kid going through severe trauma, not only in my education but also in financial matters but I powered through with my self-belief.”

Having struggled with depression and trauma, Khushii Pathak Mishra found herself lost and alone. But striving nonetheless, she has founded “The Mindful Abundance”, a personal development and transformation platform. Furthermore, she is a Life Design Coach and Intuitive business Coach, a Conscious Minimalist and a Millennial Mom. Since overcoming her struggles, Khushii is helping others “master the art of re-designing their life, the art of letting go of their negative emotions and struggles.”

Khushii Pathak


Questions and answers

What sparked your interest in making a YouTube channel and covering your underlying issues and depressions?

I have experienced depressive episodes in my late teens as well but I was unaware of them. When I saw myself relapsing into postpartum depression again, I realised that I deserved to be heard. That’s when my journey as a YouTuber began and I found several people reaching out to me with their experiences.

From being a sufferer of mental health issues, today you are a mentor and life coach. How do you embrace these changes and what is the proudest moment for you in this journey?

The changes were very organic. I started with baby-care videos and soon realised my ability to connect and sympathize with others and eventually became a life coach. To witness the transformation in the lives of my clients will always be my proudest moment.

You worked as an Engineer and now as a Life coach and Mentor. How did you adjust to this shift in the working space?

The adjustment took its time. The initial days as a life coach often seemed daunting as I was working without the financial stability of a salaried job. Moreover, I had to embody a business mindset that took some time to set in. However the changes at each stage were beautiful and helped me evolve into a more aware and grounded person.

You have trained and coached more than 2000 clients. What was the driving factor that made you realize your efficiency to inspire others?

When I help others understand their problems and guide them towards better and improved living, I feel motivated. Each transformation and testimony brings immense mental satisfaction to me. This change and progress in the lives of my clients is the driving factor for me.

What roadblocks and experiences did you face that made you delve deeper into the human mind and psychology?

I started with therapy but found it to be a limiting experience, so I delved deeper into the subject of personal growth and manifestation. Therefore, I connected the methods of counselling with positive psychology, spirituality, meditation and combined them to bring the best transformation experiences.

You met with two accidents before your IIT and UPTU Engineering entrance exams, which shattered your hopes for the time being. How did you recollect yourself from the scratch and overcome your barriers?

I overcame these barriers with my sheer willpower and the unshakable belief that my parents had over me. I possessed an indomitable spirit to overcome the obstacles which was mostly from all the random experiences I had growing up. Thus, the ability to recognise my potential kept me going.

How does the manifestation process help each individual to construct something positive in life, even if there are roads of difficulties?

Firstly, the process of manifestation is taking place every second of the day. Every day you are manifesting a life around you. The key is to never give up when faced with failures and strive to unlock our truest potential with the positive manifestation of our energies and skills. It’s totally your choice whether you want to ride the tide of universal laws and co-create the life you desire or work against it and live the victim story.

You are the founder and CEO of The Mindful Abundance. You are also a mother at the same time. How have your experiences been in this journey and how do you manage both your workspace and home?

The experience has been fulfilling and I am grateful for it. With time, I have managed to blend my work and personal life seamlessly. However, when I create courses and have to work on backend of my business I do have to pay more attention and time. But, once you discover your rhythm, it gets easier. I am also blessed with a very understanding partner who helps look after our baby when I need a little extra time.

What do you mean by intuitive business? Can you talk about the same in detail?

The business that works beyond just strategies, numbers, figures, and other technicalities and which is based on gut feelings or deeper instincts is called Intuitive Business.Often, we avoid our feelings and energies at the cost of over-analysing and playing by the rules. But we should tap into our inner power, become a channel of expression of our higher purpose and work on them instinctively. This has worked wonders for my business.

You have been studying and implementing mindsets and laws of attraction for many years. What was that one thing that you have discovered in this process that has been your life-changing mantra?

I believe in creating from the present. When you practice laws of attraction or mindfulness you live in the present and do not carry the baggage of the past. For example, when we say “I would love to get paid handsomely in my new job” over “I want more money and I hate my job”; a significant change of perspective occurs. This helps you focus on the present and work for better opportunities.

Quick 5

1.Self-confidence to you is – 100% authenticity

 2.Your biggest lessons learned in life – The importance of healing

3. How do you spend your free time? Spending time with my baby and family

4.Your happy place? My home

 5.What inspires you? Nature in all its forms

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