Khushdeep Brar – Alone doesn’t mean lonely!

Khushdeep Brar

Khushdeep Brar - Alone doesn’t mean lonely!

People are often curious to know the reason behind my tomboy look. Growing up as the only child to my parents I grew up always wanting to break the stereotypes. My parents encouraged me to be bold and brave, their ideology was more of “mhari chori choro se kam hai ke”.

It was their immense faith and support, that made me this confident woman that I am today.  They always supported my dreams, no matter what the society had to say. They ‘ve always given me the liberty to do what my heart says and growing up to be this independent fierce woman, I will always be indebted to them.  Growing-up, they provided me with every luxury they could afford.  They’ve always thought that I was enough to fulfill all their aspirations and living up to their expectations has been my motivation.

When I came across WAF entrepreneurs in 2019, I instantly gave in my all, what would make my parents prouder than me providing assistance and opportunities to all the aspiring young entrepreneurs out there.  No matter how much I earn for them, they will only encounter true happiness when they see me walking in their footsteps. Encouraging budding aspirants is a quality I inculcated from my parents and it has been the prime driving force behind me becoming a part of the Para Boccia he Association of Punjab as well. As much as I love giving it back to the society, I wanted to give out to the setbacks as well.

My dream finally came true when I along with my parents decided to lay the construction for our dream palace home. I can remember from a girl who was always considered insufficient by the society to the girl who achieved way more than an “adarsh beta”, I am Khushdeep Kaur and this is my story.  To all the young girls out the ” you are more capable than you could ever imagine”.

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