Kawal Barara: It’s never too late

Kawal Barara

Kawal Barara: It's Never Too Late

Even your dream job can get monotonous, especially when you’ve been doing it for 21 years. Teaching has been my first love and making math easy for kids my top priority; but all good things come to an end and so did my journey in Delhi Public School.

Having worked most of my life, I was rather confused about what to do with so much free time in my hands. While ‘I left teaching but teaching didn’t leave me,  I decided to start a playschool of my own. As much as I loved my little ones, we had to shut down the playschool due to some major problems.

I always had the trait of overworking myself which took a toll on my health over the years. Unlike the last time, I decided to focus on my fitness. I got so engrossed in fitness that I ended up opening my own fitness centers. I also started organic roof gardening which turned to be an added perk. Looking fittest of all my colleagues and friends felt like a little achievement in itself. I even had a spontaneous outburst of launching my own clothing line.

I never had an ideology to turn this into a business. Having worked tirelessly my entire life, this one was for my heart. My kids and husband have been extremely supportive throughout this journey, they were the ones who advised me to explore my interests. And that’s what marked my journey as an influencer. On days that my ex-students show up commenting on my feed are the most memorable ones.

This journey of spontaneous exploration has been nothing short of amazing. I’ve also reconciled with my first love of teaching and took a leap of faith to start cultivating on my own farm. I even started my YouTube channel amidst the pandemic. Things are so overwhelming at the point but I’m not complaining, it’s the happiest I’ve ever been.

All my life, I’ve craved certainty. Not everything we do is meant to achieve success, I guess. If I’m taking back anything from the past decade then it is that ‘Sometimes it is ok to have a laid back approach rather than constantly putting ourselves under the pressure of being the best.

Yet again it’s a new beginning as I’m excited to explore the business aspect of my organic farming, being a math teacher I realize there are many unsolved equations of life that and I hope to find the solutions to them soon!

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