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A self-taught Makeup Artist with expertise in SFX Makeup, Face Painting, and Creative Makeup, Kashish has managed to gather more than 10k followers on her Instagram. She has also collaborated with many brands like Note Cosmetics, Ttdeye Lens, and Luxurious Adore.

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Questions and answers

Can you tell us about the challenges of being self-taught and not a professional in the makeup industry?

A self-taught makeup artist is not equipped with any certificates from an academy compared to a professional artist. This is why brands approach them. Experts guide professional artists, whereas a self-learner grows on their own without any expert guidance. 

Tell us about any two personal makeup essentials you never leave the house without.

Nude Pink lipstick and Eyebrow pencil enhance the look of your face. Hence, it’s my absolute essential.

What things does someone starting in your industry need to know?

When entering the makeup industry, the first thing is to follow makeup artists on Instagram & YouTube. Observe their techniques & products. Practice makeup with low-cost products. Gradually, you will see your skills improving with dedication.

On selecting the right foundation and lipstick shade, what's your suggestion?

Check the shade near your jawline and match the color of your neck. On the other hand, choose a lipstick according to the occasion, time of the day, outfit, and skin tone.

What are the three elements of a makeup kit every woman should have?

Lipstick, Compact, and Blush are the three main elements of a makeup kit that enhance the beauty of every woman.

Can you elaborate on the post-makeup phase? What is the proper makeup removal technique?

Cleansing oil helps to melt the makeup from your skin pores. After cleansing, clean the face using a face wash and rinse it with water. Apply Toner to balance the PH level of your skin, followed by a moisturizer. Now apply serum or face oil to give your skin elasticity. Use lip balm for your lips and eye cream to soothe your eyes. 

Can you give a few tips to pull off the No Makeup look with ease?

Apply Concealer to cover the dark circles & use compact too. Apply a light shade blush and highlighter for the glow and lipstick per your clothing. 

When heavy makeup turns patchy, how can one play safe and look attractive at the same time?

Before using powder, apply oil-control primer with matte fixing spray if it’s oily skin. Use a hydrating moisturizer with primer for dry skin tone for the base. You can do makeup over it.

What are some common makeup mistakes that can be avoided?

Avoid using too much foundation as a base for makeup as it melts easily and ruins the look.

What are some brands you wish to work with as a makeup artist?

I would love to work with Huda Beauty, Maybelline, Morphe, Mehron, and Nykaa.

Can you take us through your journey as a makeup artist, and what difficulties have you faced?

I started my journey in November 2018. Initially, I was into basic makeup and learned from Instagram & YouTube. Later, I gained interest in prosthetic makeup by watching Zombie movies. I think prosthetics are creative and explain a lot about the use of colors. I started creating IG TV videos on Instagram and got more likes & followers. With time, I reached 10.4k followers on IG, which inspired me further to come up with more ideas & techniques.

I didn’t face many difficulties in my journey. My family has supported me. As I cherish learning and experimenting with new things, it is always enjoyable. I have faced failures, but I have learned from it as well.

What are your plans for the future?

I plan to start a cosmetic line and learning unique fx makeup from Vancouver Film School. I would love to do prosthetic makeup in the industry.

When did you start getting inclined towards the beauty industry? When did you realize that you wanted to pursue it as a profession?

I was very fascinated by makeup for a long time. After completing my schooling, I watched makeup tutorials on Instagram & YouTube. My interest increased day by day, and I started learning from these two platforms.

I uploaded my first video on Instagram in 2018 with a basic makeup kit. I took the time to improve my skills. To add to it, likes and comments boosted me to come up with more creative ideas. Hence, I am deeply engrossed in this profession.

Lastly, men often judge and shun makeup. Would you like to advise men on makeup when it comes to their first date?

Men should apply Concealer on their dark circles, pigmentation, and acne scars. Furthermore, they can use a compact powder that matches their skin tone.

A bit of bronzer to sharpen their jawlines and cheekbones, and a pinch of nude lipstick, and voilà! you’re ready for your date.

Quick 5

1. Beauty to you is Woman

2. Your favorite shopping destination Nykaa

3. When you are in stress, you prefer Makeup

4. Something which you can’t live without Blush

5. An attire you feel the most comfortable in Casual

  1. Anchal Verma

    There are ups and downs but what keeps you going is passion…..this article is truly inspiring…..storiyaan❤️🙌

  2. Parita Shah

    Such an inspiration. So proud of her. And so proud to call her my friend. Literally the best person I know. And the sweetest. Looking at her everyday inspires me so much❤ Proud of you girl❤❤ Keep growing❤

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