Sailing the lengths and breadths of the world – Karanvir Nayyar

Sailing the lengths and breadths of the world - Karanvir Nayyar

I am a navigation officer who sails ships across the lengths and breadths of the world. We move ninety percent of the world’s cargo, I have perhaps shipped the coffee mug you are sipping your coffee from, and the Tshirt you are wearing right now.

I wanted to join the defense force since my family has been in the army and served the nation for the longest now. However, I couldn’t clear the exam, and my next preference was to join the Merchant Navy and explore the waters. It was not easy to get into a good college, but I worked hard, pulled my socks, and scored well. I got into the best academy, and it has contributed to making me who I am today.

Not many know that we navy officers live a very alienated life and work 14 hours a day. When we are sailing, we do not have access to the internet on the ship. We aren’t at times able to meet our loved ones for six months. We transport all the essential goods to the world, and being on a ship alone for an extended period is not easy.

The time-zones keep shifting, and the body clock needs to adjust all the time. Also, you have no friends on-board except the vast seas and the blue skies.

There is just one request that I want to make through my story. I want you all to pay gratitude and be kind to every delivery/ post person who travels all the way to make your good reach to you.

It takes a click for you to order whatever you want to but trust me; it takes a lot to get it delivered to you.

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