Kajol Bheda: Ingenuity Done Right!

Did you ever wonder why a ‘Cadbury’ is synonymous with chocolates or gum is popularly called ‘Fevicol’? The due credit for these product identities belong to the fascinating marketing minds behind these popular brands. One such person is Kajol Bheda whose zest and zeal for marketing and media has awarded her with work opportunities for many popular brands and names.

Armed with the ambition and goal to innovate she kick-started “Scribbld Social”, a Digital Marketing Studio to spearhead the change Kajol Bheda wants to see around. In addition, Kajol has pursued her Masters in Media Production from the University of the Arts, London and believes in dreaming big and making a difference. Read more about Kajol and her creative journey in this candid conversation with Storiyaan.

Kajol Bheda

Kajol Bheda: Ingenuity Done Right!


Questions and answers

What hurdles did you have to overcome in the initial days of starting your company and how did you gather the capital for its establishment?

Initially, people lacked faith in our business idea as we were a Work-From-Home company and apart from that retaining the human resources was also becoming a hurdle due to the constraints of a Start-up company.

There was no capital investment as I started small with nothing but a laptop and my will to make it big!

Did you make any rookie mistakes when you started? Could you tell us a bit about them and how you recovered from them?

We did not realise the importance of a defined, coherent legal structure for our company in the first instance and we had to learn it the hard way.

To recover from the mistakes, we brainstormed, created and worked according to the set plans and schedule which has worked smoothly for us.

How does your Digital Marketing Studio manage to keep client preferences intact while also incorporating its ideas and what is the secret behind this successful rapport?

I take a genuine interest in implementing and blending our client’s idea with our own. Hence, the key has always been to be our creative best and take feedbacks to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our work and performance.

“Market what you innovate but innovate how you market.” Could you elaborate a bit on that?

I question the presence and absence of everything, I feel the fundamental way to bring change is to recognise a possible change and create accordingly. Therefore, marketing your ideas or products is essential but to stand apart in your marketing technique leaves an indelible mark that can be followed by others henceforth.  

What, according to you, has evolved as the most significant Digital Marketing tool in the present day and why?

Creativity, insight and a quest to be different are the keys to a successful marketing brain. I feel the most significant digital marketing tool is experience. The more you study, analyse, research and are one with the trends, the better marketing ideas you will create.

What would be your word of advice to all the budding creators and entrepreneurs?

I would suggest them two things –

1. Have a mentor. They make your journey easier

2. Ensure that your strategies are omnichannel.

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