Kabir-My Taleem with music


Kabir- My Taleem with Music

Kabir says, “Exactly four years ago when I was 21, I started working on my passion, which happens to be music. Though I wanted to pursue music since my childhood, my circumstances did not allow me. My father was a security guard, and his salary was 2000 per month. He could hardly make ends meet and surely wouldn’t be able to afford my music fee, and so I never wanted to burden him up with my extra expenses or even make him feel that he is not enough. Like any other household, I too had a lot of pressure to start earning as soon as I had completed my graduation. I took up a job, but I often felt that this is not my calling. I bought a guitar with my first salary after working for eight months, and that was the best moment of my life. That is when I finally confessed to my parents that I am not able to concentrate at work, and I wanted to do music full-time, but they did not allow me because of our financial constraints. A few months later, I finally quit my job and started giving students singing classes part-time to earn money. Though I had a lot of free time to make music again, I didn’t have any source. I had no clue how to go about it. I started doing open mics for two reasons- I earned, I could practice and rehearse music. Gradually, people started liking my music, and I started getting offers to perform in different places. It used to get heavy at times, and I would question myself if I would be able to sustain and make a living, but every time I doubted myself, I closed my eyes and think about the special place that music has in my life. It’s been 1.5 since then, and I own my band by the name Taleem. I have been doing shows all over India. I have done over 150 shows in a year. So far, I have not learned a lot of things, but even today, when I feel low, and when I doubt and question myself, I close my eyes, and when I reopen my eyes, trust me, everything becomes so much better.”

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