KAAVITA DAS: Fitness with Rythm

Kaavita Das, a certified therapist, classical dancer and yoga instructor, who could not find her niche in the corporate world decided to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a dance and fitness instructor. When all of us were stuck in the lockdown blues, she decided to open up “Pink Lotus Academia”. It is an institute that offers exhilarating courses like kathak, yoga and sitar all in the comfort of your home.

In an interview with Storiyaan, Kavita talks about the benefits of yoga and how it has helped her as a dancer. She then went on to give us an insight into a regular day at her academy, shares her future plans and gives some very valuable advice. Have a look at this interview to know more.

Kaavita Das


Questions and answers

Can you give us a brief insight into 'The Pink Lotus Academia ‘, and your inspiration to start it?

Ans. During the lockdown, when all of us were getting used to the indoor lifestyle, I realized that the classroom was not the only place from where you could gain some knowledge. In these alter times we decided to find other sources and that is all how it started. There’s no online venture to spread the classical art of dancing where you not only watch but also learn. We’re glad that it launched last month and was received with great love and support. We’re trying to give a wholesome approach to classical dancing.

Apart from the dance, you have a great niche and interest in yoga, how did you get into the world of yoga and what was the motivation that went behind it?

Ans. My journey with movement began at a very tender age, under some renowned gurus. I was trained in contemporary, Kathak, and ballet. Yoga used to be the warm-up session and that’s how it all started. Realizing that the corporate world is not my cup of tea, I decided to quit my job and started focusing on my passion. I’m also a trained and certified therapist and I have also co-founded yoga chakra in 2013.  Since then I’ve dedicated myself to spreading the values of a balanced life with fitness. 

Do you think practising yoga has been a boon to your dancing skill, if so, can you brief us a bit about the impact of yoga on dance moves?

Ans. Both are movements. Linking posture with breathing technique and making it a catalyst of the other is extremely beneficial to a dancer’s body. The heart rate gets steadier, blood circulation gets working and dance is all about core work, and flexibility is the main component. So yes, yoga is a boon to any dancer and should be incorporated into the dance routine.

From teaching courses to organizing events to shooting videos, your team does it all. How does a regular workday look like for the team?

Ans. Every day we’re facing new challenges, new ideas, excitement and work. We first discuss all the work, plan the video tutorial, brainstorm various ideas, schedule the classes, and the list goes on. It gets tiring sometimes but it’s all worth it because of the amazing team that we have and the passion with which they do their work. 

Can you walk us through the process and creativity that goes behind shooting a cover video for the pink lotus Academia?

Ans. For me, the thought process while making the cover video, is to do something that I haven’t done before. It has to have its own language and trend. I am not a trend follower but a trendsetter. I want to make it aesthetically beautiful and pleasing. Everything should seamlessly connect from one part to the other. It has to have a meaningful story, something to connect with.

What are the three essential qualities of a perfect performer according to you?

Ans. Patience is the key. You present yourself out to the world and in the process, you will make mistakes, you will learn and unlearn, and curiosity is a great ingredient, to always look for ideas. You need to learn to never stagnate yourself and open your mind to the possibilities. The third would be perseverance. It is very important to sustain yourself as a performing artist.

What is that one tip for all the young classical dancers out there to get their perfect rhyme and rhythm?

Ans. Just keep practising and show up every day. It’s a very cliché saying that practice makes a man perfect but it is also very true. With constant practice and hard work, they’ll find their rhyme and rhythm.

What are the core beliefs of the pink lotus Academia that has helped it grow as an organization?

Ans. Our core belief is to develop a strong teaching connection, establish a good connection between students and teachers, participate in diverse cultural activities, support the art and culture industry and deliver the most authentic form.

With all the endeavours you have been achieving, where do you see yourself in the coming years?

Ans. I would start with a vision, to see a world filled with art, and to see ourselves become a global brand, nurturing art and aesthetics. Indian classical art and culture should be taken to the zenith of recognition and respect. 

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  1. Online training classes or offline training classes?Both.
  1. One exceptionally talented artist that your organization desires to collaborate with?Niladri Kumar
  1. The most important quality of a performer?Perseverance
  1. One word for yoga dance?Flow
  1. One word to describe the main motto of the pink lotus Academia?- 

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