Jyoti Kadukar and her Amusing Dreams

Jyoti Kadukar

Jyoti Kadukar and the tale of her amusing dreams

“I’ve always been ambitious. Even while growing up I always yearned to leave a legacy behind and left no stone unturned in pursuing my career as a retail marketer and dealing with top brands like Kaya Skin, Lakme, and Revlon.

Accelerating my career and marrying the man of my dreams further stimulated me towards my goal. My husband was offered a job in Sweden and we had to move immediately; As much as I looked up to our new life, my career and goals remained intact but things took a turn when we conceived.

Having a hard pregnancy, I had no option but to step back from my job and prioritize my health. Left with a lot of time in my hands I went on to explore the local areas and was perplexed at the cultural shock; not knowing Swedish further added up.

Having a marketing career for over 12 years I had a very social life and loved meeting new people, but for the first time in life, communication seemed hard. I couldn’t gulp this down and decided to learn the local language after my delivery.

While I got busy discovering motherhood and Swedish culture, I managed to reconcile with marketing and worked here as well and have currently been helping companies with their marketing strategies like Indian bistro, Skogen cosmetics, and many more. But my dream was still at the back of my head; as much as I loved to devote myself to my family and work, I didn’t want to limit my identity to being a mother, wife, or employee and decided to launch my own YouTube channel!

Having gone through the distress of shifting countries and fitting into the new nation, I decided to help others like me and started making videos that could guide people. More than a guide, I wished to send out ‘Apnapan’ to everyone away from their country. Starting a social media career from scratch I couldn’t have imagined such overwhelming responses!

From a marketer to a family woman to mentoring to being sparkle Jyoti, this is my story and I’m glad to have been living my dream through it all! “

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