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Jyoti Kadukar – The Sparkling Solopreneur

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For several decades, women have paved the way for entrepreneurs in all industries. Jyoti Kadukar is one such popular solopreneur. She has 12 years of experience in the field of marketing and has collaborated with several brands such as Lakme, Revlon, and Kaya. In addition, she has been a visiting faculty member at the Indian Institute of Business Management. Jyoti Kadukar is a content creator, a solopreneur, and a mother who works as a Social Media Manager for Salus Mea and assists solopreneurs on their foray into the world of business and marketing as Sparkling Writer. Read more to gain some valuable insights about solopreneurship, digital media, and marketing.



Questions and answers

Moving to Sweden, how were you personally affected by the cultural dichotomy between the two nations?

I believe it was a combination of factors; social life changed drastically; I saw a great deal of segregation; it was excessive and horrifying. This caused politics, which has had a lot of dire consequences for my mental health. I am very helpful, which was my best asset when I was young and inexperienced. It took me nearly two years to figure out this twist, and I just noticed how lack of social life affected my mental health last year. I concentrated on my personal development and self-acceptance since covid 19 happened and that has been the best decision in my life.

How did you stumble upon the idea of helping solopreneurs into their journey of venturing into the world of business and marketing?

Fortunately, I’ve spent much of my career working with start-ups and have seen firsthand the difficulties people encounter. I was consulting for a corporation in Bangalore when I saw how many issues they had, and I could benefit from them. These meetings accumulated and aided in the brand’s development. Many Indians have started businesses here in the last few years, but it is incredibly costly. I put my talents and knowledge to good use & help startups build their business without spending a fortune.

You have mentioned that you have found your true calling in marketing. Can you elaborate on your experience in Sweden?

My entire career has been spent in marketing, with a strong emphasis on sales. Before I came to Sweden, I was through with it. Moving to a new country is like getting a second chance at life. I had a positive feeling about the company’s work culture. But it wasn’t exciting because Swedish people are slow to change and reluctant to make decisions. I was born to lead, and following others was difficult for me. I couldn’t ignore my inner personality. so I began to consider their strengths and understood that this world will need some concrete changes from my side to succeed here and build a career in Sweden. But from the time I accepted and decided to embrace my strengths, I have learned a lot from them.

How did the language barrier act as an obstacle, slow down your progress towards achieving your goal, and how did you find a solution to it on your own by joining the language class?

In the non-technical sector, the most significant obstacle is language. That is why, in all of my videos, I emphasize the importance of learning the language before traveling abroad to any country. I’m still struggling, and I don’t like giving up, so I’m continuing to study Swedish. I try to make contact with Swedes and try to network with them. Language cafes exist where we can practice our Swedish. You must take the lead to figure out how to get through it.

As a new mom in a new country trying to establish herself professionally, what were the hurdles you had to overcome, and who turned out to be your greatest support?

There were many obstacles to overcome, including words, people, and connectivity, and the sad reality is that you don’t get much support from your parents since you are miles away from them but my husband was very supportive and I was grateful to my mom who traveled all the way from India alone and helped me with my newborn baby. The most significant stumbling block is children’s accountability. Internal inspiration is the one thing that can help you stay afloat in this situation.

In your journey of self-dependence, how did you find the perfect mentor for you, and what was the biggest lesson you took back from him?

I think my whole life, my mama has been my biggest mentor. Whatever success I got in the corporate culture, it was all because of him. Everything was great because he taught me. Saloni Srivastava is my mentor from India but my uncle was my biggest supporter, made me persistent, always taught me never to give up.

What is your strategy to remain updated and relevant with new developments in the field of social media management, and how do you guide your clients accordingly?

Social media and digital marketing are changing every day, and I had to stay updated, and so I kept myself updated by watching videos and get inspiration from the creators. I get to know something new daily, implement it for myself. Mostly my goal is to be as organized and automated as always.

What was the reason behind the name “Sparkling writer,” and tell us about your affinity for writing?

Earlier my channel name was Sparkle with Jyoti, and it just came to me. I never thought it was going to be such a long-term brand. I just got started, having a domain and a website. The sparkling writer is a subdomain, a sub-website. I wanted my marketing and digital business to be separate; that’s why I started a sparkling writer. Writing has always been my forte; I used to keep journals, which has always been an essential part of my life. I like to keep journals, and I do much blogging as well. Writing is a crucial part of my life.

You often put up posts providing followers with tips on business expansion and social media presence. How do you research and amalgamate such ideas sequentially?

I do my research for my content and quotes, and updates it all comes from within. My posts are very personal and also post many tips on mental health, which makes people relate to it a lot. Some days when you feel something, and you want to tell your audience that it’s okay to feel like this.  I like to write from my heart which makes everyone connect to it more.

How did the more organized, mechanized, and punctual life of Sweden metamorphose your personality over time?

In India, self-independence is not normalized for people. But here, you have to be self-dependent, and even physical activity increases tenfold. All these things have really helped me and shaped me for the better.

Quick 5

  1. Favorite way to blow off steam: Spending time with my daughter.
  1. One fun thing you enjoy with your daughter: Coloring.
  1. Your current Book: Atomic Habits by James Clare.
  1. One movie that has inspired you: Guru by Abhishek Bachchan.
  1. Health for you is…..: Being fit. Being able to work.
  2. Your favorite travel destination: In India, it is Goa, and abroad it is Paris.

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