Jimish Doshi: Entrepreneurship At Its Best

Jimish Doshi is an Entrepreneur and Electrical Engineer. He is also the Director of JBE & Pavitra Infra Projects. Despite his latent entrepreneurial streak, he emphasizes wanting to achieve greater success by adding value to society through his work. He dived into the competitive world of business after his education in Electrical Engineering and has since established “Pavitra Infra Project” and “Jimish Doshi Construction Company” along with managing his family business of 51 years. Read more to discover the spirit and passion that centers his life in this candid conversation with Storiyaan.

Jimish Doshi


Questions and answers

After completing your degree in Electrical Engineering, what led to the decision of exploring your chances as an entrepreneur, and how did you train yourself?

After completing my studies I was sure about wanting to become an Entrepreneur. I found a business that I was always passionate about. My only training has been hard work and wanting to be the best version of myself.

Can you remember your first project? What were some of the rookie mistakes?

I do remember my first project. Not only a few but there were many mistakes I made in the initial days but I am thankful for that because I learned from them without which my journey today will not be as fulfilling.

There must be some blocks in the road to success during your initial days, how did you overcome them?

During my starting days, I had to come across failure and slow growth as a result of a huge competition which was my roadblock. But eventually, all the hard work, patience, and never say die attitude led me to growth.

“JB Electricals” has completed 51 years successfully. Have you ever felt burdened or intimidated to maintain the legacy ahead and how did you re-install your confidence?

I never felt burdened as I can say I was always prepared for it. Although in the beginning, I was slightly nervous and afraid of whether I would be able to do justice to my work and to others. None of the fears I held ever hindered my spirit. Moreover, I developed most of my confidence and leadership abilities through my family, who were my constant source of inspiration throughout the journey.

It has been two years since you have also started working in construction projects along with Electrical Contracting projects. What are the key skills that accelerated your growth on the business front?

Research and innovation made our reach Pan India. Along with that, multi-tasking has become a part of our work culture which accelerated our business growth. This is how we managed work with two major skills- proper planning and coordination.

You have also started two other companies “Pavitra Infra Project” and “Jimish Doshi Construction Company”. With all the workload, how do you manage to take out time for yourself?

I manage to take out time for myself and my family by trying to maintain a work-life balance; ensuring a balance in work life and personal life is a must for me.

As you have seen “JB Electricals” grow in front of you from your childhood, what significant changes have the company gone through over the years?

Our company has been through many significant changes in terms of change in demand, technological innovations, etc. charting a completion timeline and meeting deadlines, delivering safety, and a great vision ahead that has benefited our clientele.

You do Electrical contracting projects pan India both with Government as well as private sectors. What strategies are adopted by your company to run such projects throughout the country without causing an impediment?

Finalizing the project details with meticulousness, setting clear expectations, appreciating my team for exceptional work, managing the risks, and evaluating the project outcomes after completion are some of the strategies adopted by our company to run the show smoothly!

Working with the MCGM and PWD in Mumbai has been some of the prestigious projects that your company has dealt with. How did its success positively affect your company?

Working with the Government departments and in prestigious projects has helped us to garner visibility which strengthened our client’s trust in us and inevitably boosted our morale and confidence.

What would be your message to the amateurs who are trying to dip their feet in the entrepreneurial journey?

Keep trying and never give up even when the downs are too heavy. You are going to have bad days, don’t let the bad days overpower your work or who you are. Entrepreneurship might take a lot from you. Step in only if you are sure of letting it do so.

Quick 5

1. Your greatest source of inspiration – My family.

2. Your favourite destination – Middle East.

3. Your most favourite project till now – All my projects.

4. Entrepreneurship to you is – A Blessing.

5. “JB Electricals” to you is – My everything.

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