From Shifting Countries to Shifting Careers

From Shifting Countries to Shifting Careers

While I was growing up, blogging and bloggers were not even a thing, how could I ever think to become one in future?

Being a postgraduate in advertising and public relations management and working in a corporate firm, never did I imagine I would become a face to promote those brands.

Life changed when I shifted countries and left my job behind. Moving from India to Belgium was a breath of fresh air in life. I initially started my blog as a journal of my own experiences in an unknown country, it was just a past time at that point, influencer wasn’t a term back then, little did I know that people who were miles away, would relate to me.

I never thought of pursuing it on the professional front, until I returned back to Mumbai. It was an absolute shake up when various brands approached me for promotions. Being an advertising and PR agent myself this side of the tunnel seemed more fun, and I decided to give in my all to my “uncertain career” as my family would say.

My family and friends weren’t very supportive of my decision to shift careers. Blogging and YouTube were just booming at the time, coming into the public eye is often considered “showbiz” and not everyone around me was a fan of this industry.

Gaining no support from my near ones had scarred me for a very long time. Even though I was doing my promotions I was very under confident to put out my identity on social media. With all the netizen trolling, it became even scary for me.

However, I decided to give it my all, after all I left in my “potential career” for what I loved and I couldn’t let any third person ruin this for me. Having a settled well-paid job may have paid for expenses, but it never paid for my happiness like blogging did. There is a different level of satisfaction in doing what you love, despite all the odds and that is what I wish to put out there through my story.

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