Jahanvi Singh

Jahanvi Singh-Light At The End of The Tunnel

Light At The End of The Tunnel

Jahanvi Singh says, “I had met him through a common friend. We started talking online, and our friendship bloomed. We had grown close and begin developing feelings.

In no time, we started dating and got committed to a relationship. He had to shift to another city which is why our relationship had now become a long-distance one. Nevertheless, he used to drop down to my city every weekend to meet me, and that is how we spent time together on weekends.

One fine day my hostel roommate, who is a model suggested to me that I should give it a shot and made me visit her photographer. My journey in modelling had started that very moment. I had started flourishing as a model and blogger in my college years. My boyfriend now had issues with my modelling career; perhaps it brushed his male ego. He used to throw fits at me and often manipulate me. One day when I was on my shoot, he furiously walked towards me and slapped me in front of everyone.

For the sake of our love, I decided to give up modelling. I loved to work, and therefore I immediately joined theatre after I left modelling.

I was in a very fragile state of mind when I got to know that he had a problem with that too—this time I had chosen not to give in.

A few days later from a common friend told me that my boyfriend is dating someone else. For a minute, I couldn’t believe what she said. Later I discovered that he is in love with someone and the girl he was dating happened to be my best friend.

I was completely devastated, and I did not know what to do. 4 years of being with him and getting cheated at this point seemed like the end of my life.

I decided to talk things out with him and called him the other day. He agreed to sort things out and invited me to a hotel room. At first, I felt weird, but I desperately wanted an explanation. When I walked into the hotel room, I realized that he wasn’t here to talk things out. Before I could say anything, he raped me. I could not muster the courage to utter anything.

He packed his bag and before leaving, he murmured to me,” This is what you deserve. And this is my closure to you.”

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