5 Min bit with Jahanvi Doshi

Living a balanced lifestyle does not only make you fit physically but also improves your mental health,” says Jahanvi Doshi, a certified trainer and the Founder of Bodyfair. For her fitness does not only mean rigorous workouts and strict dieting but to enjoy each and every aspect of life be it a cheat meal and maintaining a balance at the same time. Jahanvi believes that self-love is the key to acceptance and living a healthy life.

In conversation with Storiyaan, Jahanvi shares with us her fitness journey, the importance of self-acceptance and much more. She is a fitness enthusiast who believes in having fun and making the best out of life. Continue reading to know more about her and to get some amazing fitness tips. 


Questions and answers

Can you talk to us about your brand Bodyfair and what were the building blocks?

We are a fitness brand where every body is treated equally. Everybody is beautiful and it just needs a right eye to identify that. Bodyfair’s vision is to not just transform bodies or achieve your goal but to completely make you fall in love with yourself and your body. After all, self-love is the key to healthy and better living. Building Body fair and taking it to where it is was a fun journey, I worked on myself first and then slowly yet in an astonishing way we are here today. 

What is the most common myth you have heard about hiring a dietician/nutritional coach that you would like to burst?

I don’t want to highlight what other nutritional coaches do as everyone has their own definition and perseverance about fitness. An intermittent diet is something that I would say a big no to. You are what you eat. Everyone loves food and the only thing that matters is how you inculcate healthy eating in your normal life. Bodyfair’s core idea is to build a healthy living yet indulging in your cheat meals once in a while. 

What are some exercises that you feel everyone irrespective of their age and gender should do on a daily basis to stay fit?

With such a tedious schedule of the day, people always tend to find excuses for not being able to find time for fitness. Be active. Irrespective of one’s age or gender one should make their mind strong first and then work on pushing hard to reach your goal. Ten minutes of meditation every day or Kapalbharti will help not only to keep our outer body healthy but also our inner body at peace.

After doing a handful of courses on fitness and nutrition, has your outlook on health and nutrition changed? If yes, how?

It is also about keeping a balance. It is not restricting and depriving yourself of foods you love and staying unrealistically thin all the time. I know a lot of people and have seen so many of them who take diet and exercise very seriously. As important as eating and being fit is, never miss a vacation or time spent with family and friends just to ensure you are following your diet/exercise regime. Have healthy habits and no resentments towards it. Never fear food.

People with mental health issues like depression often find it difficult to get out of their bed. How can they avoid procrastination and include fitness in their daily regime?

Accepting how you feel is the first step to finding ways to cope with it. Next, find a supporting group, A friend, family member someone you can trust and talk seriously with. You do not have to go through this alone. Try writing down your feelings. Set some realistic small goals; starting with something big won’t help you go longer. Choose an activity or exercise or sport that makes you really happy be it anything! Give yourself time and look after yourself.

You are also an Aerial Yoga trainer. Can you tell us something about Aerial Yoga and if it can be self-taught?

Aerial Yoga is a type of hybrid yoga involving yoga poses, Pilates, dance, acrobatics using silk cloth. It can be practiced by anyone. It offers endless benefits such as increased flexibility and strength, better blood circulation, increased core strength, and much more. One can learn on own if he/she is motivated and has the right gear and equipment. If you’re new to traditional yoga and have never tried it before, then Aerial Yoga will be difficult. It is better to get yourself trained under someone as there is so much more to explore in Aerial Fitness!

What is your story behind getting into fitness and starting up your own brand?

I clearly remember an incident when someone body shammed me and it hit me hard. That’s was the beginning of my fitness journey. I am blessed to have learned under my mom’s surveillance who has been doing yoga for twenty-five years and my father who’s into fitness and cricket coaching. Later, someone suggested pursuing this as a career. That’s when it hit the right chord and I went for a diploma degree in diet nutrition and health care. Along with that I upgraded myself with many certificate courses and hosted few workshops and it just went on.  

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