House of Chandrakini

House of Chandrakini – A brand Boosting Lives

House of Chandrakini

House of Chandrakini - A brand Boosting Lives

“I have always held utmost pride in my Rajputi culture. Born and brought up in one of the most culturally rich cities of Rajasthan-Udaipur I’ve had a first-hand experience of culture and traditions. The colorful attires and festivities are what spiked the artist inside me.

I wanted to hone my painting skills. So, I started making products for my family members initially. Astounded by their overwhelming response, I started gifting various products to my relatives too! Soon, my handcrafted products started getting love and recognition from outsiders too. And within a few months, I got my first couple of orders.

That’s when I decided to make a business out of it – House of Chandrakini was born! But, starting as a new business, I wasn’t sure about the success. I was fairly new to the industry, we were just starting, the designs or prints weren’t finalized, I didn’t know where we were headed as a brand. But, there was one thing that I was certain of – our motto. Maa has been my biggest inspiration. She believes in doing good for other people. And that’s what I wanted my brand to depict. House of Chandrakini isn’t just a clothing line to me, but a journey on which I want to uplift others alongside myself.

So, I started teaching art to some underprivileged girls and employed them.

A few days later, one of them came up to me & thanked me for teaching her skills that are going to help her stand on her feet. ‘Until now all I  knew was doing household chores and was expected to earn a livelihood from them. But now I  can use my creativity & do something’ she said! Be it bedsheets, cushions, footwear, wallets, tote bags, table mats – we paint everything at HOC; but filling someone’s life with colors was hands down the best of them all. It motivated me to work harder than ever before.

Since day one I’ve always been questioned ‘There are so many brands out there doing this, what makes you different?’ To which, I always say ‘Our brand not only uplifts your mood but it uplifts some lives too.”

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