Hanna- A girl on the whirl of humour

Hanna is a 15-year-old girl from Germany who has @fancy.gurrrl, a page that posts mushy and romantic memes with an underlying positive message in them. She is too young a German to have a family of 42.7K on her Instagram. Read further to know more about this little package of cuteness.



Questions and answers

Can you start by telling us about your obsession with music, as your page has a ton of it in your stories? Does listening to music inspire you to make memes or art?

Yes, music inspires me a whole lot. When I listen to songs, I eventually get clicked on the exact image of what I want to draw, so I immediately sit down and try my best to recreate the picture I’ve got in mind. My inspiration for memes is mainly romantic songs and my boyfriend.

Your memes are cute and funny, but you seem to centre them on romance. Was making romantic memes part of your aesthetic, or did you develop that?

I guess I just developed it. I started this account in 2019 with an intent to post super cute wholesome memes. My content always changes a little bit, but I don’t think I will ever stop posting cute, funny, and romantic memes since they bring me a lot of joy, and it makes me happy to see other people cherish them as well.

Could you talk to us about comedy, because of course memes are funny- but your elements of comedy seem very organic in terms of the mood.

I try to post something I relate to, and which I believe others also can relate to. Those things can seem a little “dark” or sad sometimes, but I mainly post them for entertainment and also to make people feel understood or that they are not alone. I feel good when I see a meme I can relate to because it’s like hey, I’m not alone with this because other people seemingly experience the same.

Hanna, what do you do when you're not doing memes?

When I’m not posting/making wholesome memes, I’m endlessly scrolling around on Instagram or calling my boyfriend. I also draw now and then and listen to a lot of music, I’ve loved that since I was a little child. My activities are pretty basic, and that is because school keeps me very busy as well.

What drives us about your page is that a lot of those posts you make are very inspiring, with cute images. Is that an effort by you to spread positivity- especially in these dark and powerless times?

I always try to spread positivity since it just seems right to me; it makes me happy to see other people happy, and that’s what I’m doing all this for: I’m trying to do with my posts. Especially in these dark times which you’ve mentioned, it’s very important for all of us to work together and not lose our hope.

What other things do you venture into, except art?

Apart from art, I also enjoy fitness/sport. I used to do unicycling. By now I only do home workouts, but they help me a lot to get rid of stress or just, in general, feel better. I’m also a bit into photography, even though that’s just me clicking some pictures with my phone, but I enjoy it. Calligraphy has also been one of my passions for a while, I stopped for a bit, but recently I’m trying to get back into it.

Hanna, could you talk to us about the gateway of Instagram or social media in general, for young people to come out and make a living out of it.

I believe that Instagram and social media, in general, are great ways to build something up which you can live off at some point. In my opinion, it’s just important to keep in mind that stuff that you post on the internet once will pretty much stay there forever, so especially young people shouldn’t forget about their future. Many companies might deny their application because of certain things they’ve posted in the past and images they built up. Also, I believe it is necessary not to finish it properly, studying something is essential since you never know if you’re always going to be able to live off Instagram or similar platforms.

Are there other Entertainment Pages on Instagram that you follow or admire?

To me, Gabriella Whited is an inspiring young woman who has suffered from an eating disorder in the past but fought her way back into normal, healthy life. She films workout videos, which I enjoy, in my opinion, they’re pretty much the most effective ones I’ve ever done, and she also makes her music or uploads covers of other songs. Her other videos apart from those are very inspiring, and I love how she uses her platform to reach out to people, spread positivity, and tries her best to make people feel understood and more confident about themselves while she’s also still on her journey.

An underlying theme of mildly heavy elements are somehow visible and peppered in some posts. What is your mantra to get out of it when life pivots into reality?

Well, when I’m feeling down, I allow myself to feel that way for a bit because it’s important not to bottle up sadness. Allowing yourself to feel sad, which is a normal and reasonable emotion, is already a step closer to feeling better. After that, I’m just trying to distract myself by calling my boyfriend, doing something relaxing like a face mask, or simply just watching the television.

Lastly, Hanna, who inspires you, both: in general and creatively?

A person who has inspired me a lot is Gabriella Whited, but creatively, my loving boyfriend is a big inspiration for me. When I’m drawing certain images, I also think a lot of him and our relationship and it helps me create pictures that I can also kind of see myself/us two in. It’s the same with the wholesome memes I make, my feelings towards him help me to create the things I post.

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