5 Min Bit with Gurpreet Kaur

Struggling with anxiety to finding solace in meditation, and later evolving the inner gift of psychic, Gurpreet Kaur made it big in her life while following what her heart said. She believes, the gift of psychic is innate to some and can also be acquired if followed diligently.
Tracking down the origin and spread of the magical culture, Gurpreet talks about how different approaches to magic exist.
Scroll down to know of Gurpreet Kaur- the healer’s views about people’s perception of magic, her magical work-life, and more in this uniquely curated QnA session with Storiyaan.

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Questions and answers

How did meditation turn out to be an inseparable part of your life and how did you inculcate it into your daily routine?

To be honest, I’m someone who overthinks a lot, and sometimes the problem goes overboard enough that can be only dealt with with medication. Last year when COVID started, my anxiety was at the peak and I started meditating, that was how I inculcated it in my daily routine, and is now an inseparable part of my life.

Can you tell us about the basic mechanisms of white magic and how it affects people without side effects?

White magic affects people as it assists in promoting someone’s business, about your self-growth with pure intentions of prayers and healing. My basic mechanism of white magic includes the work with herbs, essential oils, candles, and much more which is the way we pray to the Indian gods and Angels.

Tarot cards, in literature and pop culture, are associated mostly with the gypsies in America. How did it end up being a popular aspect of Indian society today?

First thing, Tarot cards are a spiritual divination tool that guides us through different aspects of our lives. People don’t believe it at first and are shocked to know about its existence. Tarot was originated in the 14th century in Italy, where people used to play cards. By the 15th century, it gained attention from more people, especially Egypt and that’s how Indian society too got aware of its popularity.

A lot of skeptics frown upon terms like “Astrology”, “Tarot Cards”, and “Magic”. What is your message to them and how do you deal with the skeptics who seek your help?

I have faced a lot of skeptical people who doubt magic and card reading. My family and friends were skeptical and used to ask about my whereabouts. My message to them is that-Tarot, astrology, and magic are completely different concepts. Tarot is about energy readings and the thoughts that run in your subconscious mind that get reflected in the card. Whereas astrology is about planetary alignments, the time when you were born. In the end, it’s the pure intentions, working with elements, and blessings from the divine.

The approach towards white magic varies from person to person and yet the concept remains the same. Why do you think it is so?

The approach to magic can be slightly different as we had different mentors and gurus. Different people have different experiences, and everyone knows the method, and their approach can be different depending on knowledge and experience. This is why the variation in approach is visible.

Do you believe your talent of reading tarot cards and proficiency in psychic arts to be something God-gifted or was it cultivated over time with practice and can someone learn it on his/her own?

Some people are sensitive to energy and vibrations, those people are psychic. Everyone has a gift but they don’t know how to use it. People have different qualities altogether, some are born with psychic abilities and some acquire and embrace them with exploration.

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