Gopal Sahai Ramjiwal

Gopal Sahai Ramjiwal – The New Age Astrologer

Gopal Sahai Ramjiwal

Gopal Sahai Ramjiwal - The New Age Astrologer

“I was never into Astrology, Rashifal. Rahu, Ketu or Shani were way beyond my comprehension. Until one day, when I came across a book on alternate astrology. Goswami Tulsidas Ji’s eloquent writing kept me hooked. Soon, I started developing a keen interest in this field.

I dwelled into Palm reading, Face reading, Yamal jyotish and Tarot cards too but not in a serious manner. After all the readings, I understood that everything was a game of vibrations. All the solitary planets send vibrations to planet Earth. Our bodies receive these vibrations from different planets and produce their own vibrations.

I was curious to learn the science behind all this. So I started researching more about the vibrations within our body. I was thrilled to learn that even Albert Einstein supported this theory. He had stated that everything in the universe sends vibrations. Great Thinker Tesla was also a staunch supporter of the vibration theory. ‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’ he said.

This new found world of horoscopic science was fascinating to me. I wanted to do something in this field. Something beyond what the other astrologers did.  I named this as VIBERSTROLOGY.

And that’s when the idea of building astrological software struck me. This was 25 years ago, a time before smartphones and the internet. But, I took the plunge. And after working on it for months, my very own viberstrology software was ready!

The next thing was to test it and I decided to set up my own stall outside a famous Mandir in our neighbouring town on day of a Mela. The crowd that came was way beyond what I could’ve imagined. People were so happy with the feedback, that by the end of the day even the village Sarpanch visited my stall. After that I put my computer in a famous mandir on a Wednesday where the footfall is high. The experience there was also positive. This gave me the boost.

But then, responsibilities showed up. I had to look after my business which kept me busy all through the day. Astrology started vanishing from my life. Nevertheless, I’d promised myself – ‘I’ll pursue astrology once I retire’. And finally 5 years ago, I fulfilled that promise and took up Astrology again.

In these 5 years, I’ve worked on developing 2 apps – Margdarshan Astrology and Good Morning Astrology. While building these apps I only had one thought in mind – Everyone who uses it should have a personalized experience. Astrology and Predicting the future differs from person to person, everyone has a different life and I didn’t want to give out generic sun sign predictions. After 4 years of designing, strategizing and executing, we finally went live last year!

In our society, the moment someone hears astrology they imagine temples and pandits. But Astrology is way beyond all this. Your horoscope is about the way you feel and act upon things. My apps are all set to bring a change in the way astrology is perceived. And I know for a fact that the day is not far away. Not because I am an astrologer who can predict the future. But because I know, I will give it my best and create my own future.”

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