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GB WhatsApp: All You Need To Know

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Simply saying, GB WhatsApp is an app that offers similar features as Whatsapp. But, in addition to the features of WhatsApp, this app has some different features also. Because GB WhatsApp is a clone app of WhatsApp so here are some things to remember.

What is GB WhatsApp?

Before diving into the details of the new app, let’s see what WhatsApp is. It is helpful to know because the new app is almost a copy of it. WhatsApp is a widely popular app, and it is a multiplatform messaging application. So, it lets us send and receive text messages, make voice and video calls. But the only requirement is a good and stable internet connection.

So to speak, it offers a good number of features and customizations. But if we look at the traditional messaging apps, absolutely WhatsApp is better.

Now coming to GB WhatsApp, it allows third-party developers an opportunity to create a clone app. But obviously, the clone app is customizable and is similar to WhatsApp.

This app is not available on the Google Play Store because it is unofficial. Therefore, the app is available as an APK but it is downloadable.

Features of GB WhatsApp

There are a number of versions of this app on the web. However, these versions are offering features like hiding read receipts for selective contacts, sending high-resolution images and so on. Moreover, it can also send a broadcast to 600 people instead of the 250 people limit set up by WhatsApp. Most importantly, users will be able to tell the difference between broadcasts and regular messages.

Is The App Safe for You?

Though the app offers many options to the user, however, it has some implications too. Firstly, you can lose access to your WhatsApp account. That is to say when you are using the new unofficial version. Additionally, it is possible to lose access to your WhatsApp account permanently.

On the other hand, your data privacy is not secure on these kinds of apps. As a result, it can steal information.

In short, if you’re satisfied with WhatsApp, you don’t need to invest your time on GB WhatsApp. However, you can try out this app at your own risk.


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