Gayatri Soni: A Bagful of Creativity and Art

Gayatri Soni is perfecting the art of creating lovable homes with her profession as an interior designer and is also challenging the conventional notions of delicious food by making them both healthy and finger-licking at the same time. She has slowly drifted towards a healthy lifestyle where the taste and the nutrients of the food are never compromised. She describes herself as a creative mind who has let her creativity define her, be it her passion for piecing together the dream house of her clients or blending her healthier steak of food into her mother’s palatable recipes. Read further to know more about Gayatri in this candid interview with Storiyaan.

Gayatri Soni


Questions and answers

Can you remember your first project? Describe it a bit; whether it is a gizmo you worked at as a little kid or something that was sold on a large scale.

My first project was an ice-cream parlor. It was an affair born out of my extreme love for ice-creams and I simply wanted to get my hands into the trading process. So, it was something that was sold on a large scale but my interest was more personal.

As a health coach, what would you recommend to those opting for fad diets like keto for rapid weight loss and how sustainable is the method?

Fad diets are only beneficial in terms of short-term results; if somebody wants to lose weight for events like a marriage then it can be the go-to option to choose. Otherwise, I recommend a balanced, healthy diet and lifestyle for sustainable and holistic maintenance and loss of weight.

After having worked in the field of interior designing, what would be a personal philosophy you have developed for yourself?

My philosophy has always been to understand my client’s requirements and expectations and accordingly create and design which can exceed these given expectations. Client satisfaction is the most important work ethic or philosophy I live by.

You mentioned that you modify your mom’s recipes to satiate your taste buds but we often notice traditional Indian dishes to lack protein component. How do you ensure your diet to be a balanced diet?

As a Punjabi, I can vouch for the fact that our cuisine already comprises protein-enriched dishes in the form of pulses like rajma, daal, and also almonds, oats, etc. If certain dishes are lacking in protein or other nutrients, I prefer using protein powder to increase its nutrient content.

What would be your advice to those suffering from weight gain as a result of PCOS and one fitness tip for them?

My advice for people suffering from PCOS will be to ensure a fiber-rich diet with spinach, cabbage, nuts, and so on and limit carbohydrates. They should take steps to induce a habit of exercise and improve the overall lifestyle. Also, be cautious and curb junk food and stay hydrated.

What is the most frustrating aspect of your job as an interior designer? And which is the most rewarding one?

Sometimes, the client’s understanding or concept of the design is very different from ours – their expectations and wants might be unsuited to their ideas but convincing them otherwise becomes very difficult and frustrating at times. The most rewarding aspect of my work is when the full payment is ensured without any pestering and prodding. It is very satisfying in that way.

What would you consider to be the most priceless work in your portfolio and why?

A few years ago, the firm I was working for had designed the CM Devendra Fadnavis’s bungalow. The opportunity to work on such a high-profile project was very encouraging. It acted as a morale booster.

How has your adoption of healthier food and lifestyle choices affected your psyche and do you believe food has an impact on our moods?

Adopting a healthier food and lifestyle has changed my psyche greatly – A workout makes me feel fresher, it gives me the much-needed endorphin boost to work productively and with better concentration. I am also less lethargic. A healthier food habit improves our mood as I have felt lighter and more enthusiastic since making that choice.

What message would you like to give to the readers suffering from lockdown weight gain and one pro-tip for them that you have found most effective?

Apart from eating healthy and exercising, my message will be to substitute unhealthier food items with healthier alternatives like sugar to jaggery, oil to ghee, etc. And eating seasonal fruits and vegetables regularly is equally important a pro-tip that I have found most effective.


Quick 5

1. Your work to you is – Passion.

2. Your favourite way to blow off steam – Cook something delicious and healthy.

3. Best piece of health advice you have ever received – Be calm and listen to your stomach and not your tongue.

4. Weirdest diet you have ever come across – Staying on fluids for 7-10 days.

5. Your happy place – My room and my balcony.

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