Ganga Aggarwal

Ganga: Harnessing Recovery and Healing

“When I started my page, it didn’t work for almost a year. I barely got clients but I never stopped persevering. I regularly posted about my work and eventfully I got the recognition for my work”, observes Ganga. 

 Ganga is a Tarot Reader and Reiki Master based in Delhi who is bringing healing and relief from both emotional and physical ailments. She pursued Science but destiny brought her to occult sciences and eventually, she carved her place through it. Belonging to a religious family, Ganga found strength in her family who supported her career shift. Her page “Healing With Gargi” ensures easily available access to knowledge and information regarding Tarot Cards.

Know more about Tarot reading, healing and Ganga’s unconventional journey in this immersive conversation with Storiyaan. 

Ganga Aggarwal

Ganga: Harnessing Recovery and Healing


Questions and answers

From being a student in Science, your destiny brought you to become a tarot card reader. How well did you accept these changes and what was your family's reaction?

I realized that science was not my cup of tea. I wanted to explore various fields and stumbled upon Reiki and Tarot. I was always attracted towards such powers of knowing the future and having such abilities felt like I was doing something different. These career changes took time to settle in but it was easier because of my family’s support.

You belong to religious family background. What were some of the things that were inculcated in you from the childhood days that are helping you in today's journey?

I grew up reading scriptures about Gods and Goddesses and they gave me the wisdom to grasp the concept of the spiritual path. Presently, I think that my religious background helped me in understanding energies, their working and benefits. I became aware of how energies help us connect with the divine. Hence, it was a boost to the limitless thoughts I had about spirituality.

What is the difference between Tarot card reading and astrology?

Astrology is based on Kundli or birth-based knowledge. On the other hand, tarot works on current energy, it analyses the potential future and not the definitive future. In case someone wants to know about the future of their career and follow the guidance provided then they are assured of results. However, if the potential outcome shows positive indications but the person has not worked towards it, the excepted results won’t happen. Thus, this is how tarot differs from astrology.

How did you develop your interest in Reiki and make you believe in its physical and emotional healing?

My aunt is a Reiki master and that’s how I got fascinated with this healing modality. Initially, I wanted to help my parents who were suffering from some health issues. Therefore, when I saw major changes in their health within a few days of Reiki, I got a boost to learn more about the healing techniques of physical and emotional energy.

As a reiki master, could you share with us the benefits of this energy healing technique?

Energy healing is widely beneficial, far more than just physical and emotional healing. Likewise, it can help you mould into your desired self. I am of the view that with reiki anything and everything can be healed and there are no limitations. Similarly, in case you want to get rid of a bad habit or be confident for an interview, then try reiki.

You started your page, named healing with “Gargi”, what was the main reason behind this to choose a different name?

‘Gargi’ is my ancestor’s name and there are other reasons as to why I chose this name. My work is based on energy and magic, and my ancestor named Gargi was magical who had a strong connection to the divine. So I decided to imbibe her name and turned out to be a blessing. It gave me a purpose and helped me achieved everything I have now.

What can one expect to experience in your Reiki sessions and what are the different modalities you try?

The experience is varied and is not rigid.  But one assured thing is that they have good feelings or vibrations after a reiki session. They may feel sensation and warmth in their body, especially in emotional healing, because it resurfaces every blockage that they have suppressed. Regardless of the intensity, good vibrations are always present. There are about 50 modalities in Reiki, but currently, I am practicing Quantum Reiki, Usui Reiki, and Kundalini Reiki. In addition, I am learning Money Reiki and Karuna Reiki which are work-in-progress.

Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through a "universal energy". How is this process affected due to the pandemic and what are the substitute ways you are adopting?

There isn’t much awareness of reiki and people assume that hands-on healing is the only option. This is untrue as Master Usui brought us the remarkable option of distance healing.  I have never practised palm healing on my clients except for family and friends. Therefore, as I rely on distance healing the pandemic was never an obstacle for my healing sessions.

As the pandemic hovers over, physical meeting often has become quite a challenging path. In such cases, what are the ways the clients can reach up to you to avail your services?

With the help of distance healing, there is no barrier of time or pace. The experience and results are the same as hands-on healing. Clients can reach me on my social media and all I require is their name, their picture and their current location for a healing session. And I make sure to keep my sessions flexible so that clients can reach out anytime.

With sheer determination and hard work you have turned your hobby into a flourishing business. What would be your guiding message to the readers on how to accomplish their passion for the profession?

The only thing I would like to share with someone wanting to start something is to keep on trying. Any field of work is based on recognition and it will surely get easier with time. If you keep at it and do your work with passion and dedication eventually things will look up and your hard work will be worth it.

Quick 5

 1. Your favourite working environment – The Nature

 2. Your Mantra in life – Just keep going never stop

 3. The most satisfying aspect of your job – I can take breaks as I please

 4. A book that everyone must read – The Rich Dad, The Poor Dad by Robert T.                

 5. Describe yourself as a person in a word – Giver


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