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Self-care with Fuschia

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Self care with Fuschia

What started as a remedy for my family members has now been the solution to countless others. This is the story of Fuschia. My family and I started this company back in October 2013. It is a brand that focuses on personal care by providing naturally made toiletries. These are devoid of chemicals like sulphate, parabens, and others. Some of the products which we deal with are vegan as well. 

The idea of creating these products by ourselves befell upon us while receiving foreign products for my wife. Initially, it was just to help my wife, but I asked myself why stop here? So with the notion of helping others as well, my family gathered the knowledge and with some practice managed to craft ten variants of soaps. 

The journey was not so smooth, as every entrepreneur faces hardship along the rocky road to success. Since being a nobody, it was challenging to reach out to people and market our product. We collaborated with subscription boxes to introduce our brand to a larger audience. Convincing a potential buyer to tend to a new brand was the most challenging for Fuschia. 

It once happened that the ingredients of our products had been contaminated and had started showing adverse effects on the consumers. It was extremely tough to develop the reputation of the brand and gain the trust back from our consumers. We went to the root of the problem and acknowledged it. Later we admitted our mistake and apologised for the same. We did not run away from it but solved the issue over time.  

Fast-forward to now, Fuschia is one of the fastest-growing personal care brands. Our products are available on almost 100 e-Commerce websites ensuring quality with every step. We not only cover soaps anymore but other items like bath salts, scrubs, etc. We are also looking for foreign ventures and want to flourish even more in India itself. This has all been possible due to the passion we had to make it happen. If I was, to sum up, my journey, all I would say is, I never let small minds convince me that my dreams are too big to achieve.

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