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Fresh and Organic Delivery: Premium Health At Your Doorstep

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“My vision is to be the best in terms of quality of service and product that can influence other promising young entrepreneurs to invest in the food industry” mentions Keshav Jain, the Co-founder of Fresh and Organic Delivery.

There has never been as good a time for healthy eating as today – with thousands of affordable and exceptional products to choose from, you can finally attain your health resolutions without any hindrance. Being the vanguard in delivering standout health products is Fresh and Organic Delivery which is a one-stop destination for all brands and is one of the fastest-growing in the healthy food industry.

We at Storiyaan decided to chat with Keshav Jain and Nikita Bhandari, the Co-founders to discover the endeavours and efforts that go into running a dedicated platform for all things food and health.

Nikita Bhandari and Keshav Jain


Questions and answers

Can you enumerate the events that led you to ideate the brand and what were some of the promotional strategies that you adopted in the initial days?

Health is of paramount interest to us which was the fundamental reason for the inception of the company. We wanted to build a company through which we could create awareness amongst the people to protect their health and well-being by consuming healthy food and beverages.

Initially, our products had a deep connection with our age-old traditional drinks like “kadha” which resonated with our customers. Additionally, offering fresh farm products and collaborations with renowned health experts and social media influencers gave us an edge.

Tell us a bit about the procedure involved in procuring and ensuring the quality of the raw materials involved in the making of your in-house products?

We procure the raw materials directly from farmers. It undergoes a stringent process of establishing proper authentication according to guidelines for quality-check, after which the products are directly shipped to the consumers via different channel partners ensuring safe and secure delivery within the stipulated period.

Your brand connects farmers directly to the consumers ensuring fresh and organic products. Can you elaborate on the benefits of this to the small-scale agro-industry involved with your brand?

We ask the farmers to sell their products via our platform which has several benefits like timely payments and better profits. In this way, we are supporting the small-scale agro-industry with consistent growth of farmers which will help them overcome the supply constraints of ever-increasing demands. This will build the confidence of the sellers to continue doing business through similar operations for the consumers.

What turned out to be the greatest boon that enabled the brand to growsteadily?

The greatest boon for us would be the new work from home policies that have enabled people to take cognizance of their health and focus on improving their eating habits. It was beneficial for us as we had the time and energy to provide our expertise and bring creativity to the new health enthusiasts.

What impact did the lockdown have on your brand, provided there is an increased demand for online delivery services across the city?

The lockdown helped in terms of online sales. With the increase in demand for essentials and organic goods, we could amp up the services as well as introduce many newer health brands on our platform. Our smaller customer base compared to major e-commerce platforms helped us to revamp the delivery process and guidelines on short notice which boosted our sales.

Can you outline the trends that have catapult theindustry and how has the advent of the digital world acted as an impetus to the expansion of your brand?

Nowadays, the trend of healthy eating has received a lot of traction along with increased customer awareness about the origin or the raw materials of a food product which has brought the need for health brands and services to the forefront.   

Digitisation has unlocked unlimited potential for our brand as it has enabled us to introduce a variety of new products to our consumers with an increased speed of delivery. Thus, raising our productivity and profits by saving time through remote communications.

Your website comprises several blogs that provide unique, fun and easy recipes for your customers. Can you tell us about the research that goes into the creation of these recipes and a sneak peek at the next blog?

Our recipes are an amalgamation of homemade experiments topped with the advice of some very talented chefs who have collaborated with us, focusing on mass consumption and likeability.

In the upcoming blog, we plan to introduce some of the video recipes to our customers coming straight from the Housewives kitchens.

What have been your best-selling products and what are some of the trends that you have noticed in theshipment process during the pandemic?

Our in-house products – “Detox Coffee” and “Kadha by Granny” have been the stars of the show right from the beginning.

During the pandemic, we have seen a rise in concern for the transparency and safety of the products being shipped. Also, with the increasing competition, people are now looking for good discounts, better affordability and better quality.

As co-founders, what does each of you bring to the table when it comes to the introduction of new products that require urgent decision-making?

As far as decision making is concerned, we both are strong-headed and believe in each other as much as in the teamwork which enables us to dedicate ourselves completely towards the betterment of the company by amicably resolving issues through scrupulous discussions if anything urgent comes up.

What would be one piece of advice that you would like to pass on to new entrepreneurs that you have learnt from your mistakes?

I would like to advise all budding entrepreneurs to have patience and perseverance if they want to achieve success. Besides, being true to yourself and your idea is the key.

Quick 5

1. One business tycoon you admire – Mr Elon Musk

2. One work ethic you always abide by – working as per schedule

3. The hardest aspect of having your own business – you are responsible for all the liabilities and losses

4. The most satisfying aspect of your work – the vast depth and dimension of the food industry

5. Your greatest flex – our commitment to the customers and team

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