Fall 2021 Makeup Trends that will Blow Your Mind

Sitting on the sofa, sipping your tea while flipping through your favourite fashion magazine, do you ever wish to recreate those looks on yourself?  Do you ever feel drawn towards those makeup trends? But you are a little bit intimidated by them, what if you commit a huge fashion blunder?  

Well, we are here to help you out. Get up, take out your makeup bag, take out the tools because we are going to take you on a makeup journey. We’ll help you to try out all the latest makeup looks from the comfort of your home. 

Let’s take you through some of the fall 2021 makeup trends that will blow your mind.

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  1. Colourful Statement Liner-

We all  are well acquainted with the basic black liner. This season, add some colours in your life by trying colourful liner. 

Today’s market is full of these vibrant, colourful liners, which can elevate the frequency of your basic black liner. This look is all about innovation and experiment. The colours like reds, greens, yellows and even electric blues will highlight your face and will sustain your aura with charisma and confidence.

  1. Reverse cat eyeliner – 

It looks like this season is full of daring eye looks one can conjure. This shouldn’t surprise us as the face mask covers our entire face, leaving eyes as the only visible feature.

This elevated eye look has been implied from Dior’s Fall/Winter 2021 runway. This looks like a classic cat-eye but flipped upside down. This look is accounted to intercept the bottom lash and thus creating a smouldering look. It is also known as underliner or reverse cat-eye.

  1. Kitten Liner – 

If a bold alluring reverse cat-eye is too much for you then you can always go for a more simplistic and easy-going look. The kitten liner, in comparison to the cat eyeliner this style, is more subtle. This trend is effortless to create. You have to just pick up a nude or brown pencil or even eyeshadow to illustrate a small blended wing.

  1. Electric and Pastel Eyes –

Bright, bold colours might sound too much but that isn’t all true. The latest experimenting with neons and pastels has upscaled the newest fashion looks to another level. Typically our fall wardrobe mainly consists of dull neutral shades, leading to a homely and cosy look. Well, a brush of a bold eye can glam up your look. This latest bold eye could be seen in Versace’s latest fall collection.

  1. Abstract Eyes-

It looks like the 60s are back; the mod style Abstract eye is back on the streets, which was seen on Pat Magrath’s iconic makeup for Anna Sui’s fall 2021 show. This look again carries the most heightened colour pallets with a fusion of abstract on the eye. This look is determined to facilitate an intimidating look backed with marvellous abstract designs and trendy pigmented eye shadows accompanied with some finely detailed brushes.

makeup trends

6. Vampy Lips –

This lip look is best when achieved with a minimal makeup look. This one is easy to conjure, giving your lips a plump finish. This looks balances between dark tones and bare skin. Best for days when you don’t have enough time to get ready but still want to look classy and chic.

7. Red lipstick-

One trend you can never go wrong with and the most popularised and evergreen trend. Personally, the warm red hues are the perfect bit of combination for the fall. Red looks best when applied with opaque or lighter gloss for a subtle and carnal look.

8. Peachy Blush- 

It wouldn’t be a 2021 cosmetics pattern without a bit of blush. This pre-winter, we’re motivated by the warm pinks and peaches of harvest time that will give your cheeks the ideal breeze kissed look.

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So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your matching outfit, accessories and shoes. Viola, you are runway ready! 

Dive right into these looks and create your very own favourite fashion look! 

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