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Europe Floods: Death Toll Reaches 120

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The extreme weather conditions in Europe has wreaked havoc in many areas. Thereupon, Europe floods are ravaging mostly the western region. The visuals coming from the affected areas are showing streets and houses that are submerged in water. Moreover, cars were even overturned by the floodwaters. The statements of the eyewitnesses and survivors are horrifying.

So, what caused the floods in Europe? The first reason that can be assigned to the flooding is record rainfall. Because of the excessive rains, they resulted in the bursting of river banks. The phenomena, in turn, devastated the areas.

The Real Picture of Europe Floods

While the reason for flooding is heavy rains, some are also speculating on the effect of climate change. For instance, in Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel requested combating climate change. Over 100 people have died in Germany alone. Belgium has seen more than 20 casualties as of now. Other than that, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Switzerland are the affected nations.

A terrific image is circulating on social media platforms. After the collapse of the quarry dam, a huge sinkhole is formed. It is growing along with erosion. The massive sinkhole has come up in the West Germany region, in the village of Erftstadt-Blessem.

“It’s completely indescribable. A catastrophe. I was there twice yesterday trying to save what I could. But you open the door and the water’s to your chest and you just wonder, why am I even doing this? It’s all wrecked,” says Neugebauer.

Gregor Jericho, a native of Rheinbach in North Rhine-Westphalia says, “It’s a very sad scene. Streets, bridges and some buildings are destroyed. There’s garbage everywhere. “Parts of buildings are in the road, people are sitting and crying. It’s so sad. People have lost their homes, their cars are in fields flooded. My city looks like a battle has taken place.”

The flood in Europe is the worst in several years. Climate change is becoming a bitter reality now. The situation is disturbing and requires serious action.

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