Esha Pandey

Esha Pandey: A lighthouse to the soul!

To practice divination and healing, you don’t have to be a Hogwarts graduate or a Witch. The only thing you need is courage, faith, and a smidgeon of passion. Meet Esha Pandey, who possesses all of the aforementioned qualities. She is a Psychic and Healer with 11 years of experience and several testimonies to indicate that she is the best out there. Reiki healing, Magnified Healing, Angel Therapy, Lenormand Card Reading, Angel Card Reading, Runes casting, Switchwords, and other modalities are among her specialties. With her healing techniques, she has healed over 200 COVID patients including her parents!

Come read about a woman via Storiyaan who moved from being a banker at HDFC to becoming a full-time spiritual healer who has altered and helped many souls!

Esha Pandey

Esha Pandey: A lighthouse to the soul!


Questions and answers

Having been in the corporate field for so long, what had been your calling towards your spiritual self?

I was working as a personal banker for HDFC; when I decided to learn Reiki. I practiced Reiki on all four levels and received spiritual awareness as a result. After that, I began to achieve inner peace while assisting humanity, so I resigned from my corporate position and pursued this as a career.

What turned out to be the biggest obstacle when you were still in the initial phase of establishing yourself in this field?

I believe I am blessed and spiritually protected, hence I have never encountered any difficulties in starting my business. I’ve been able to manifest anything I require, including clients. As a result, I never had to sell my services; instead, people came to me on their own.


You are adept in several fields of spiritual healing and guidance. Can you enumerate them for our readers?

I specialize in Reiki Healing, a Japanese healing technique that heals the mind, body, and spirit. I’m also a Lama Fera Healer, which was inspired by Lord Buddha’s use of this approach to help the public after he reached enlightenment. I can also act as a tarot reader and spiritual therapist. In addition to that, I am also an Angel therapist, which enables me to speak with higher spirits.

How is the modern psychic different from the previously held notions people had of psychics?

When people hear the word psychic, they think of movies with mirrors, smoke, and mystical arrangements. People have the impression that we are witches or magicians who cast spells. Psychic power, on the other hand, merely enhances our intuition and spiritual meditation techniques help us to activate the subconscious mind. So, as you can see, psychics are only here to assist you in making the best judgments.

To which group of people would you recommend Lenormand Cards Reading and who would you recommend Angel Card Reading?

Angel card readings responses are more clear and to the point. Lenormand cards, on the other hand, are more in-depth readings that provide a comprehensive picture of a person’s life. So, if my clients want answers to particular questions, I propose Angel reading, and if they want a more in-depth reading about their profession, finances, and relationships, I recommend Lenormand cards.

Often people have had experiences of being duped by those merely posing as spiritual guides. What would be your advice to them?

As this is an uncontrolled field of practice, reporting scams is difficult. As a result, I would caution people to be wary of spiritual readers who ask a lot of questions and provide ambiguous answers. Before you go to a psychic, do some preliminary research and run a background check on them. Don’t be fooled into purchasing emotional stuff such as candles or crystals.

Can you explain to our readers how Runes casting and Switchwords work and who can benefit from it?

A Rune is a stone with symbols etched on it that helps you through your personal issues and determines the best course of action.  On the other hand, Switchwords can shift your energy from one dimension to another. It’s a set of basic words that can be recited to awaken your subconscious mind in order to help you achieve your heart’s desire. Many such words can bring major changes in your career, relationships, spiritual mind.

Can you relate to us one such clientele experience that had an immense impact on you as well?

Despite his elderly age, I have this 73-year-old pupil who learned Reiki healing swiftly. People asked why he wanted to study these things now, and he said that while his body was aging, his soul was not, and it was his soul’s desire to understand these things. It struck me to see a student who is still eager to study and improve at such a challenging age.

QUOTE– Esha Pandey was able to give her parents and 200 COVID patients a second at life through her spiritual healing!

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