Elon Musk Birthday: Netizens Wish Their Memes Messiah

The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, is celebrating his 50th birthday today and he enjoys a following of over 57 million people on the microblogging website Twitter. But he is an engineer and entrepreneur by profession and he is also the coolest of all when it comes to embracing trends and memes.

So one can often see Musk sharing quick-witted tweets and posts on his upcoming and ongoing projects revolving around Tesla as well as his space company. Because he is now and then making headlines by his Mars travel plans and his take on cryptocurrency.

Maye Musk Wishes Elon Musk On Twitter

Elon’s mother Maye Musk took to Twitter and expressed her greetings for her son. So her tweet read, ‘Happy Birthday @elonmusk. Thank you for this wonderful day 50 years ago. You have brought me great joy. Lots of love.’ She further writes, ‘#HappyBirthdayElonMusk now trending’.

She is a Canadian author and model. So, the Tesla chief’s reply to his mother’s post is a short message having a heart emoji only and Musk’s mother wished him with a throwback picture of them. But, the photo is quite adorable. So it shows the SpaceX CEO as a baby swaddled in a blanket and his mother is lovingly holding him.

Because Musk is famous all over the world for his dynamic personality and sense of humour and his views on cryptocurrencies are so much effective. So much so his tweets alone can lead to the rise and crash of markets so also known as the ‘Musk Effect’.  Because of it, recently on Father’s Day, netizens wished him as the ‘Dogefather’ of the world.

Facts About Elon Musk

So, here are some of the lesser-known facts about him. Because, Musk has written computer code at the age of 12, he has always been a tech enthusiast and he is the founder and co-founder of several companies like Zip2, The Musk Foundation, SpaceX, Tesla, SolarCity, OpenAI, Neuralink, The Boring Company and Thud. 

Today, because he celebrates his birthday, hashtags such as #Dogefather, #Tesla and so on are trending on Twitter. So, a user tweets, ‘Believe in Elon Musk supremacy’ and a hilarious tweet reads, ‘Happy 50th on Earth. Next 50th on Mars.’

Truly, netizens adore him!

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