Eashita Bajwa- The Diva’s life off camera

Eashita Bajwa- The Diva's life off camera

The glamorous Eashita Bajwa needs no introduction. Eashita Bajwa started her career with modeling. She has walked down the ramp for many fashion designers like Neeta Lulla and DhruvBandwal.  In 2019, she participated in MTV SuperModel of the Year. The iconic beauty in a talk with our team talks about her life off the camera.

Eashita Bajwa


Questions and answers

You have had quite a whirlwind of a modelling career. Can you tell us the first time you walked the ramp or did a professional photoshoot?​

Oh yes, it’s been six good years in the industry. The first time I ever walked the ramp was in Mysore, and I was excited and nervous at the same time, but I knew that’s what I wanted. And my first ever photoshoot was for my portfolio, and it helped me understand the basics of posing and camera and lighting. I started with e-commerce shoots. Experience teaches you everything, and one should always be open to learning.

We heard you were studying to be a fashion designer. If modelling was a career to pivot from, what would you choose to be?

I studied for CA as well when I was in senior secondary school.  I would have had a career in that if not modelling. But I love my job, and I believe in giving my all in whatever I do.

You were a part of MTV Super Model of the Year. Can you talk to us a little bit about your journey there?

It was a roller coaster ride. From getting the first supermodel badge to getting rejected, it was a great experience. Whether it was up in the sky or deep underwater, all of it helped me grow as an artist. It was pretty challenging but no one said it was going to be easy. I’ve grown so much as a person as well.

You have worked in a lot of print as well as commercial advertisements. What are the perks of working in a TVC?

In a TV commercial, it’s more about following the directions and playing a character. You get to play with your expressions. Whereas in photoshoots  you have to sell a product through a picture. I love doing TV commercials.

Can you give us a run-through of a typical day for you at a fashion week?​

A fashion week, what do I say it’s a marathon. From early mornings to late nights, from backstage chaos to walking on the runway, it takes a lot of efforts and a lot of people to put together a show. Well, I’ll be putting up a video soon on my YouTube channel, and you’ll see the backstage life in it.

Tell us about one fashion trend that you hate and why?

Micro bags- I mean okay they look cute, but I always carry a lot of stuff in my bag, so these tiny-miny bags are not for people like me. And Harem pants, honestly, these extra-baggy pants are one of the most bizarre fashion ideas ever, and I hate them.

A fashion faux pas that you have committed ever and what did you do next?

Well white dresses and wine stains, isn’t that a thing. I wore a white dress to a party once and tadaa there it was all over my dress, but I just crunched it up a little and woohoo… I was all sorted.

We couldn’t let you go without asking this question. What are the essentials that a girl must have in her wardrobe?

I think every girl should have quality jeans and basic tees to pair it up with, also because you save a lot of time as you don’t have to sit and stare at your wardrobe trying to figure out what to wear. You can pair it up with a pair of heels or flats. Classic sunglasses, a black leather jacket, a classic bag and yes a little black dress are a must—also white sneakers as they go with almost everything.

Can you tell us how a Sunday in the life of Eashita Bajwa looks like?

Well sometimes I work on weekends, but when I don’t, it is usually just like any other non-working day. I like staying back at home, and it’s just like a regular day. Sometimes I go out with friends and sometimes I have a meeting, yes, meeting on a Sunday.

We are sure you too have your cheat days, what is your favourite cheat meal?

Oh yes, I cannot do without cheat days. My cheat meal depends on what I feel like eating at that particular moment, but my favourite cheat meal is a pizza and waffles. I love food.

You have battled depression. What advice or inspiration can you bestow upon our readers from your experience?

Your mental health should be a priority. Communication is the key, talk to people you trust and don’t keep things to yourself. Be patient, and it is so important to take time for yourself. Yes, never give up. If you need help, don’t hesitate and ask for it.

If you get to go back in time, what is that one advice you would like to give to your younger self?

I would definitely tell my younger self to live in the moment and to verbalize her feelings.

Who is your personal most favorite fashion icon, and why?​

I don’t have any favorites, to be honest. I like Dakota Johnson’s style. She only wears basics, and despite that, she makes incredible looks. I love Olivia Culpo and Rihanna’s style too.

Lastly, can you write/pen a piece of poetry for us that you have written?​

I usually don’t share what I write; I write for myself. It’s always very personal.

But here’s something just for you.

Look deep inside what do you see?

Your pure version, that’s what you should be.

Don’t worry about the darkness; it’s not here to stay

That hope inside you will take away all the greys.

Life sucks! Is that what you think?

Do something because things don’t change in a blink.

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