A Nut Nutritionist: Dry Chef

A Nut Nutritionist: DryChef

Business opportunities are like buses; they come and go. It was in one of those very buses that I got in to ride. Dry Chef is a healthy snack manufacturing company domiciled in the pink city of India Jaipur, Rajasthan that has built a culture around plain dry fruits, flavoured dry fruits, seeds, herbs, spices and exclusively crafted tea masala. A labour of true love, patience and dedication, Dry Chef is a step taken towards a tomorrow which is better, healthier and happier.

The prime motive of Dry Chef is to make people aware that there is an alternative to processed snacks, a healthier one on top of that. Replacing eating habits is hard, I know, but it can be a problem that can give rise to several health issues in the long run.

Coming from a family whose past generations thrived on businesses, I intended to do the same with my life. After graduating, I decided to make my career in MBA and started prepping for the exams to come. In the meantime, I also wanted to experience a small portion of business life. Hence I ended up working with my family business in Jaipur.

It turned out that I had received an invitation from an institution. I was delighted initially, but then I wondered whether I wanted to start something new or push the already existing walnut to another summit. I ended up working on Dry Chef and decided to take it to a whole another level.

Seeing how people mostly purchase commodities from the internet, I created up a website from which I could provide my products. The USP of Dry Chef would be that everything we offer is made from hands, Rajasthani hands. There is no machinery to manufacture these snacks. This is the fact that it makes me very content.

This Diwali we closed in over two thousand product deals and offered services to corporations like the IFFCO insurance company. This was no easy feat as the amount of work and energy to convince customers to come your way and standing out from other potential companies is troublesome and laborious. Seeing my tea masala and healthy snacks in every store is a dream that I am working towards. Moreover, I want people to be healthy and live a long problem-free life.

Doubt kills more dreams than failure. All I can say is that the greatest assurance you can ever get is from you. Also, remember that when life gives you nuts be a damn nutcracker!

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