Drashti Mehtaa Rao: The Key To Your Dream Career

Meet Drashti Mehtaa Rao, a Career Counsellor, Mentor and Entrepreneur who is guiding students and career-minded individuals to find their best career path. Do you ever feel you are Farhan from “3 idiots”, stuck in the wrong career? Or are you the one without the right career direction? Picking the right career is a tricky and nerve-racking task.

Drashti Mehtaa Rao holds a Certification in Global Career counselling from UCLA and a Green Belt Certification from Global Career Counselling University, Singapore. She ensures a holistic approach to counselling where her expertise meets empathy and patience. “Counselling is not about knowing all the answers it’s about having the patience to find them.” elaborates Drashti Mehtaa Rao. Read further to know about certain tips, advice and Drashti’s journey in this enlightening conversation with Storiyaan.

Drashti Mehtaa Rao

Drashti Mehtaa Rao: The Key To Your Dream Career


Questions and answers

When and how did you realise the drive in you to guide others in their career plans?

You should have a coherent path and know where you are heading. Being in the education field, I witnessed a lack of clarity and loads of confusion on the part of Indian students – it’s a sorry affair. Most of them opted for careers based on others, parent’s choices or peer pressure and regretted it later. Thus, I decided to bring a change and help students with their career choice and challenges.

What are some of the ways and services that you take up to ensure both the professional and personal development of children?

With our Eye-opener sessions, we look into the personality of the students. We focus on their likes, dislikes, future goals and career choices. Accordingly, we mentor them on hunting for and using opportunities along with additional life skills. Moreover, I also provide individual holistic counselling for personalized advice based on the experiences in their life.

In your experience, what are some of the areas where you have noticed Indian counselling and mentorship to be lacking and why?

In my opinion, the shortcomings lie in the lack of awareness. People aren’t aware of such services and benefits that are readily available to them. But with the increasing change in education and career options, I am positive that people will make use of such services.

As a mentor, what would be your advice to an established individual wishing to switch professions?

My first advice will be to evaluate your present situation, explore career options, to decide if your career needs a making over or a complete overhaul. Secondly, you should identify your strengths and accordingly make a switch. Thus, one must have a coherent understanding of both their present and future profession before taking that leap.

How much time do you spend compiling and studying occupational, educational, and economic information to assist counselees in determining and carrying out vocational and educational objectives?

As a counsellor, it is imperative to have the best and most suitable knowledge about all career prospects. Hence, I ensure that I am up-to-date with all and a diverse range of careers in multiple industries and fields. In addition, I also conduct further research according to each of the clients I mentor.

How do you stay up to date on the latest trends and developments in the industry?

Like I mentioned, it is an important part of my work. Therefore, I am constantly upgrading myself from authentic websites, social networks along with learning platforms like news channels, newspapers or educational magazines. I am always on the lookout for the latest developments and it can even start from a casual conversation with somebody!

How can our readers reach you if they ever require your guidance?

For all the readers, we are just a call or text away! You can find us on all major social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and WhatsApp along with a form on our website. Reach out to us whenever you want our help and we will get back to you with additional information. And we ensure to make this process as simple and smooth as possible.

What is one piece of entrepreneurial advice that you would like to give to those interested in following a similar career line?

My advice to budding entrepreneurs is that you should build a team that shares your vision. This is the key towards team building as everyone on board should be as passionate about their work as you are. Most importantly, never stop learning as it is the key to newer and better experiences and ideas.

In your blog “Things parents should never say to their child”, you talk about how parental behaviour affects a child’s mental well-being. Can you tell us a bit about it elaborately?

Yes, sure. As a career mentor, I have come across countless students who were having mental pressure to meet their parent’s expectations. Parents often push their children into a career field that neither excites nor interests the child. This adversely affects them as they suffer from insecurities, fear of failing their parents, lack of interest and much more.

How does a child's mind work?

Children develop brain connections through their everyday experiences. They are built through positive interactions with their parents and caregivers and by using their senses to interact with the world. A young child’s daily experiences determine which brain connections develop and which will last for a lifetime.

Quick 5

  1. One skill that is most essential in a mentor – Active Listening and patience

  2. One platform you rely on for social media promotion – Instagram

  3. Your proudest Moment – Each time I help a client in achieving their dreams.

  4. Children are– The purest souls

  5. One word to describe yourself– Ambitious.

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