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5 Min Bit with Dr. Stuti Shah

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If you are hell-bent on conquering that procrastination about exercising, look no further than “Core Tuck In”. It is a group of qualified Physiotherapists who are helping us kick start our fitness journeys and redefining the way we look at our bodies with all-around, comprehensive development.

A brainchild of Dr Stuti Shah, who has pioneered the introduction of Pilates as a dependable form of exercise in India, “Core Tuck In” is transforming lives with Clinical Pilates and Physiotherapy.  Dr Stuti Shah is armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy and a Masters in Sports and Musculoskeletal and is one of the only two fully certified STOTT PILATES® Instructors in India. We at Storiyaan sat down to have a quick chat about Dr. Stuti Shah and her remarkable journey and discover the goals of her passion project.

Dr. Stuti Shah

5 Min Bit with Dr Stuti Shah


Questions and answers

Can you walk us through the therapy plan of your new patients?

I start with consultation, discussing their goals, expectations, history, and challenges. Post that I discuss a broad layout of the treatment with milestones we aim to achieve. Treatment consists of customised plan for every session we conduct.

Once we start the exercise sessions, every few days I do a follow up consultation to check the progression & to make sure that my patient is motivated and staying on the same path.

How do you deal with difficult patients who stagnate in their physical therapy achievement?

Consultations are vital to understand and solve the misunderstandings or queries that my patients might have. If a patient is having a difficulty in their progress, I actively communicate and converse with the patient to understand the reasons or dilemmas behind their distant behaviour.

Can you tell us about the hardest case that you have worked on and how did you handle them therapeutically and emotionally?

Each case is hard in its way as each patient has developed their way of dealing with pain which is difficult to penetrate. Some recover quicker than the others but my aim has always been to guide them all in their therapeutic journey of healing, no matter the duration. 

You started your venture initially as a home visit entrepreneurship. Can you tell us the most challenging aspect of that phase in your life and what hurdles did you have to overcome when you were still setting up your studio?

Creating awareness for Exercise, Pilates, and Women’s health (Pre & Post Natal) and Posture was extremely challenging as people were sceptical about embracing a fitness culture that was still in its nascent stage.When the studio was still an amateur idea, figuring the finances, administrative and technical aspects was an obstacle that I had to overcome.

What is your research strategy when it comes to the creation of new workouts and fitness tips for your followers?

I have an extensive research process that comprises workshops, courses, lectures and enriching travels across the country and beyond. Apart from this, I find myself under the constant guidance of my mentors whose knowledge and sessions help me to improve and achieve greater expertise.

With the advent of the pandemic, the entire world has moved online. How has the digital platform proved to be efficient for your work and are you as effective and helpful in helping clients with their targeted problems as compared to physical presence?

Catering to the digital realm, we focused on conducting one-on-one sessions and emphasised creating a comforting space online which has made the transition process more effective.

In-person sessions allow physical examination and manual help whereas online sessions save time which is highly suitable for the patients who are working round the clock. Hence, it is about choosing the preferred medium.

For someone interested in studying physical therapy, what’s your best piece of advice for them?

My advice will be to be open to ideas and induct a learning mentality. Believe and invest in yourself and work hard to achieve your desired knowledge and skills.

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