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Dr. Pooja Agrawal-India’s Next Novelist

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Dr. Pooja Agrawal-India's Next Novelist

I am Dr. Pooja Agrawal, an Author, homemaker, and storyteller. Writing is my passion, and being a homemaker, I have given some moments to my interest and penned down all my innate feelings in the form of a novel. I never thought that I would become a writer in the future. I come from a commerce background and have pursued an education in M.A (economics), MBA (finance), M.ED, M.Com, P.hd (industrial estate). I continued my studies after I got married.


My father is my mentor, and he always motivated me to study and gain knowledge until I can. There is no end, no age, no limit of gaining knowledge, he always says. After completing my qualification, I got engrossed in writing. However, I have been writing since my college days. My poems were published in college magazines, also.


My recent novel, ‘Kismet or Karma- Unleash The Mystery,’ is the fourth novel. Today there is cut to cut competition in the writing field. And you are sailing in an ocean full of obstacles. To keep yourself noticed in this ocean, you have to struggle with your style of writing.


ARL Literary awards nominated one of my initial nonfiction novels, ‘The ICU.’ Though it could not bag the prize, being in the nomination list is next door to achievement.


To get the manuscript published from the desired publication was one hell of a task. Every year thousands of books are published, and most of them kept die dumped on the shelves of racks without getting noticed. It’s the biggest challenge for a writer to get her book reach on the shelf of bestseller rank and get seen by readers.


I wish that my writing keeps readers engaged, and my stories hook their minds. I dream that my books reach maximum readers and gain their attention from thousands of other books.

If you want to get noticed from the crowd, set your ideology right, and you will achieve success.

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