5 Min Bit With Dr. Harshika Pareek

Dr. Harshika Pareek “my goal is to impart knowledge regarding mental health and wellbeing as I believe that at times we are not looking for therapy or counselling but we need someone to talk to us about our mental health.”, elaborates Harshika.

Dr. Harshika Pareek is a practicing Psychotherapist, Educator and Mental Health Advocate. She is trained in using the techniques of Hypnotherapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Art Therapy and other such techniques. It was Harshika’s struggle with clinical anxiety and the loss of a loved one that motivated her to embark on making mental well-being easier for others. With years of experience behind her, Harshika conducts workshops for school-college students and adults alike.  Besides, Harshika is a University Gold Medallist and can be found on Instagram @counselors_chair.

Read further to know more about hypnotherapy, mental health awareness and tips to help with severe anxiety in this interview with Storiyaan.

Dr. Harshika Pareek

5 Min Bit With Dr. Harshika Pareek


Questions and answers

What are some of the benefits of hypnotherapy and art therapy and when should a person consider it?

Hypnotherapy and art therapy are two different types of commotive therapy. Such therapy can help in curing problems like addiction, phobias or other issues where the actual problem is unclear. Similarly, when it comes to anxiety, depression or when the client has difficulty expressing their problems, art therapy works wonders.

You also provide internships to students who aim to use their theoretical knowledge in a clinical therapy setting. What are some of the major criteria that you look for in them?

Firstly, I lookout for those who are passionate and vigorous to learn psychology. Secondly, I analyse their creative knowledge to understand how they can use it as per the client’s needs. In addition, I try to evaluate how much theory they can put to use in the practical world.

What is the main reader-base you are aiming at in your book Apostrophe “Fantasy of Romantic Reality”?

The book is about romantic moments and how they are created when two people meet. All of us harbor different notions of romance in our heads and the book revolves around such regular romantic gestures. Therefore, the book includes both reality and fantasy and targets people of all genders and ages.

What was your main motive behind starting the Instagram page @counsellor_chair?

The basic aim was to spread knowledge about mental health. My content revolves around daily mental health issues and struggles which my audience relates to. Thus, I provide solutions or healthy habits for their mental wellbeing and in turn offer a community where they can find calmness to connect with people.

What are some of the pros and cons of therapy on a digital platform?

Online sessions save time and travelling expenses for the client. In addition, they can receive help from the comfort of their home which increases the effectiveness of therapy. However, we can face problems like network issues, disturbance from family members etc. If such problems can be tackled, online sessions are worth it.

What are some of the signs that one must look out for that would indicate that a person needs therapy?

There are many signs which depend on what the client is going through. It can be the change in their appetite, change in mood or emotions, and communication. Any sort of long duration negative change can be a red flag. Additionally, to emphasize, if you are having suicidal thoughts, please visit a therapist.

What are some practices that you would recommend for someone with severe anxiety?

There are several, one of them is the the one-minute count that includes the one-minute count where you count 5 things you see, 4 things you feel, 3 things you smell, 2 things you hear, and 1 thing you taste. To go into a spiral of thoughts, keep something in your hand to snap out of it. Furthermore, one can also set reminders regarding a positive message so that they don’t overthink or burst a balloon and draw on their hands to vent out emotions.

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