DJ Dosanjh-From cricket to singing.

DJ Dosanjh

DJ Dosanjh-From cricket to singing

DJ Dosanjh says, “In my school days, I played cricket for the district level when I was 15. I got selected in state-level, but because of someone’s mistake, I missed a chance. I used to live in a small town in Punjab and that didn’t bring me a lot of opportunities. I left India in 2015 and also left my hopes of wearing the Blue Jersey behind. I started living in the USA. In the USA my brother informed me about an academy looking for young cricketers. He asked me to try my luck and I decided to give it a shot. The managers and coaches asked me for a few videos and tested my skills in the field. As soon as the testing was done, my results were out. The next thing I know, I was playing for the Under-19 USA CA Cricket Team. During this time, I got to meet Rahul Dravid & Venkatesh Prasad along with others. The handshake and one tap on my back from these legends were enough for me to excel and do my best. This instilled a new-found confidence in me. After all, I was living my dream. I was wearing the blue Jersey, but of a different country. The very next year, I flew to Florida and Sri Lanka, consequently. In Florida, I got a chance to play against Samuel Badree, Rusty Theron, Sunny Sohal and other big renowned personalities of the cricket world. In 2017, I played with some Ranji Trophy players in Gujarat. After coming back from India, I faced a downfall, and I had to start small gigs in the USA to earn a living. I wasn’t making much through cricket, and I had to take care of my family. This was when I discovered my passion for music and recorded a few songs. With time, I took up singing as a profession and signed up with Speed Records. To my surprise, the tracks I had released panned out well as I thought. Soon, I started getting offers to record on esteemed labels. Right now, I’m working on my chords to enhance my singing. Never had I dreamt of being a singer before. Cricket had always been my all-time favourite, and I had never imagined that I would trade it for anything else. Alas, life had different plans. Now, composing and rehearsing take up a significant part of my day. I don’t want to ruin my moment by predicting what will happen next because I am sure life has something amazing in store for me. I believe in the magic of new beginnings. Ten years down the line, life would be filled up with more exciting things. Till then, I’ll wait and watch, because life is made up of stories and stories never end.”

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