Dipti Singhvi-Do what you love

Do What You Love, With the Ones You Love!- Dipti Singhvi

“Art with Mumma has always been fun! Making DIYs and paper mesh with my mom are the fondest childhood memories I have. One such memory is when we were making a DIY vase on our balcony; the balloon with the POP popped all of a sudden and we were drenched in clay; looking at each other, Mumma and I burst out into laughter. It was that day when I told her ‘ Imagine if we did this full time, it would be so much fun.’

Few days into my first job, I was convinced that the work I was doing wasn’t meant for me. I wanted to do something of my own; and that’s when I asked Mumma ‘Apne khud ka, Kuch Kare?’ To my astonishment, Mumma was on board instantly. At 50, she was excited to work for the first time in her life!

Mumma and I had no prior experience in marketing, it was our first, but we were determined to have fun. 6 years to that and there hasn’t been a boring day at Baar Baar Dekho. From getting excited over our first order to our first ever failed Dilli haat exhibition, to the moments we have disagreements about our future strategies, to learning, failing, and growing together, there hasn’t been a day that didn’t end with laughter. Baar Baar Dekho has not just made us business partners, but best friends as well.

More than the growth of our company, watching Mumma learning new things at 57 is what keeps me going. From someone who hasn’t worked her entire life, to a pro-Macbook user, she has come a long way.

Even when I had to move to Bangalore 2 years ago due to my other job, Mumma didn’t let our brand suffer. She managed everything from packaging to taking orders to shipping, by herself. On days that Papa decides to address her as ‘Aap to Businesswoman ho’ are the best ones.

While we’ve always been this chill mother-daughter duo, never in my wildest dreams did I expect Baar Baar Dekho to become a family thing! As much as mom and I’ve learned throughout this journey, taxes weren’t our thing and that’s when Papa stepped in. While Papa took over our Finances, my sister hasn’t been any less. She is the most excited of us all; despite living in a different city she has never missed any of our exhibitions.

Watching mum and my sister getting all excited at our exhibitions while Papa silently stands in a corner gazing at them with the widest smile, makes my day!”

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