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“I always wanted to take the path of cleansing, connecting to the higher wisdom and liberation from the collective toxicity of the mundane life” notes Dimple Sharma. A certified Reiki Healer, Intuitive Life Coach, and a Numerologist; she has taken it on herself to bring spiritual awareness to people. On a fateful day, when she was struggling with emotional blockage, job-searching, and a cross-country relocation, she bought her first deck and soon found herself immersed in the world of healing and Tarot Reading – becoming a certified Healer and Tarot Reader. Discover more about Dimple and her spiritual journey in this intriguing conversation with Storiyaan.

Dimple Sharma


Questions and answers

Do you think the art of Tarot and Reiki has come to you naturally, if not what was the practice that went behind?

I believe that any Healing Modality chooses you as I was drawn into the world of astrology since my first Palm reading when I was a child. Having experienced a broken childhood, it was my journey of healing and recovery that helped me develop deeper connections with different Spiritual Modalities. My desire to understand the meaning and idea behind these practices made me read countless books and join workshops to hone my abilities.

You've also started a YouTube channel to provide Reiki and tarot sessions, how do you predict the exact vibes of your clients in a virtual session?

For me, the connection matters the most and not the medium. I only align with people who are ready to receive divine guidance and truly want to heal or transform their lives and live blissfully.

What was all the research that went behind learning about the various healing modalities and divination tools?

The research was the most exhausting part of the journey as there was a lot of information on the internet which left me overwhelmed and confused. My real learning came from my personal life experience and understanding of the soul and its connection to the overall framework of the cosmos. For greater learning and increasing my knowledge I started reading books by various Spiritual Masters and joined several online Spiritual Master Classes which helped me immensely.

You have posted a very interesting video about clapping therapy, can you brief us a bit about it?

Clapping therapy can improve the health of organs like the kidney, digestive tract, lower back, and heart, is an immunity-booster, and can enhance blood circulation and blood pressure. It can also help in easing mental illnesses like depression or anxiety. Clapping Therapy has helped energetically by cleansing and removing negative energies from our surroundings. So, when you are not happy and you know, just clap your hands!

Could you briefly tell us about your experience and how you felt when your first reading came true? How motivated you felt after that?

A dear friend started to inform me about my readings when an incident I had mentioned materialized – this feedback was startling and it boosted my confidence. I started investing in reading and gaining knowledge which brought me considerable insight and skill. When my predictions occur in real life it does motivate me to continue with my work but my biggest motivation is to aid people in their distress, bring clarity and clear the mental fog they are experiencing in their relationships, family, or business.

As a Life Coach can you emphasize a bit on the importance of manifestation in the journey of healing.

Manifestation and healing go hand in hand. To heal is to make a conscious decision to not let our past traumas affect us today and manifestation is the act of unlearning the social conditioning, false beliefs, negative thinking patterns which hinder the healing process. So to manifest we need to heal ourselves & release any deep-seated limiting beliefs from our Mind, Body & Soul.

What are some day-to-day habits that can contribute to cleansing and improving one's internal energies?

Firstly, one should be grateful as gratitude is the highest frequency of all and it puts one in a state of receiving. Secondly, we must be one with nature and live in the ebb and flow of its ever-changing state. Thirdly, one should practice meditation as stillness brings clarity and answers to our worries. Fourthly, Journaling is an excellent way of de-cluttering our minds and finding coherent thoughts. And last but not the least; try to inculcate positive affirmations as they can instantly uplift your mood and spirits.

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