Dhruvi: My Favorite Person


Dhruvi: My Favorite Person

Dhruvi says, “It is said that a sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost!

And here it is, Nupur is my cousin and not even my sibling, yet she plays so many roles at the same time in my life. She is my mother, my sister, my best friend, my trek mate, my roommate, my dance partner, my personal photographer, and what not!

Being a child, I always cribbed to myself as I had no sibling, and god gifted me with an adorably annoying pest, which is the best blessing. People are often taken aback by the fact that in these 18 years, we have never fought with each other and are always standing strong by each other and facing everything that life throws at us!!

She’s 11 months younger than me, and I always say her “Choti hai tu”😂  and it irks her.

She is the one who makes all the family functions bearable. We are so close that people ask us if we are twins, and my answer to them is yes; we twin together in countless things. Few to count on the same clothes, same phone, same school, same treks, and so on.

We operate on one principle,”Jo tera hai wo mera hai.”

I never drink tea, but only if she makes sure it is the best tea ever!

I haven’t met her for two months now, and it isn’t easy to stay away from someone you share every bit of your life with!

I’m hoping all sets well, and we meet soon, and I annoy her all over again and see her puppy face!”

  1. Parita Shah

    I can so relate to this. Even though I and my sister are 5 years apart. People still as us if we are twins and it annoys me at times coz I am the younger one😂 but having is a sister is such a blessing. You can always do so much with her❤

  2. Ajay Chaudhary

    Bonds between siblings are true blessings , didn’t matter how much they fight with each other but atlast they care for eachother.

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