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Dhaara K Goenka: Piecing Together A Fashionable Story

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A lost Dhaara decided to re-write her career when her enchantment with fashion opened doorways to education in Fashion Designing from the Prestigious NABA University in Milan, Italy which prides itself in being the Fashion Capital of the world. Fashion has been her symphony since childhood when her wild imaginations found respite in drawings, painting, and designing – for which certificates and accolades followed suit. Today, Dhaara K Goenka is the Founder and Creative Head of A Bespoke Ethnic wear – “Dhara Goenka Label’’ and describes herself as the “storyteller” where designing is her story. Apart from running a successful couture label, she is also an independent Fashion Stylist, Designer and Entrepreneur. We at Storiyaan decided to have a candid interview about her navigating the uncharted terrains.

Dhaara K Goenka


Questions and answers

We are aware of your vast contribution to the fashion industry. Could you please take us through your background and the journey so far?

I went from being a clueless college student to the first Indian to get admission into the prestigious NABA University in Milan; all because of how alluring my penchant for creating stunning fashion pieces was. Over the years I have grown in tow with the fashion industry and the journey has me mesmerised.

What made you passionate about fashion designing?

As a creative child, I was drawn towards artistic endeavours like painting, and designing intrigued me soon after. I was also lauded for my unmatched style quotient which only cemented my desire for exploring the world of fashion.

Your start-up “Dhara Goenka Label” has proved to be a unique company and we would appreciate it if you could share a few words on it.

In 2010, when I embarked on this journey, I wished to create a brand that specialises in bespoke ethnic wear. Today, we have come a long way to have worked across industries and with countless celebrities. We are committed to designing original and wearable garments along with generating sustainable employment for the artisans.

How do you manage to keep going despite the challenges that you might have faced?

Coming from a conservative society, adopting a volatile and unconventional career like fashion was against my family’s wishes but with an invincible attitude, I decided to take the plunge and convinced my family to support my dreams.

What are some of the strategies that you believe in and who has helped you in your journey?

I have always believed in the idea of teamwork. As we work with several business platforms, supporting and growing together is my mantra. In my journey spanning over a decade, I am indebted to my dear friend Priyanjali Malpani, my Mentor and Coach Aditya Sisodia and Sagar Agarwal, Vatsal Chedda, Mrunali Kulkarni and my family for supporting and guiding me through ups and downs.

In your opinion what are the keys to success?

Consistency, guidances and patience is the key to success .

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